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, -POP/CLASSICAL/VIDEO,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,August 2010,,,,,,
,Current As Of: 6/30/2010,,,,,,,,,,,,,
/SET",,BOX LOT,,,,,,,
21C-612106,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,676261210627, ,"KING, CHRIS THOMAS - DIRTY SOUTH HIP HOP BLUES",,,
21C-612107,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,676261210726, ,"KING, CHRIS THOMAS - THE SOUL OF CHRIS THOMAS KING:",,,
21C-612110,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,676261211020, ,"KING, CHRIS THOMAS - WHY MY GUITAR SCREAMS & MOANS",,,
21C-612112,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,676261211228, ,"KING, CHRIS THOMAS - RED MUD SESSIONS",,,
21C-612114,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,676261211426, ,"KING, CHRIS THOMAS - RISE",,,
404-1003,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,617917100329,X,D-BOYZ - Life of a D-Boy,,,
404-1005,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,617917100527,X,MJG - This Might Be The Day,,,
404-1006,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,617917100626,X,DIRTY - Married To The Game,,,
404-1016,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,617917101623,X,CRIMINAL MANNE - Got Work,,,
404-1017,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,617917101722,X,C.B.Y.A. - Residents Of Jupiter,,,
404-1018,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,617917101821,X,BOO - 48 Minutes,,,
A2Z-1001,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,609722275453, ,"BUELL,BEBE - Sugar",,,
AAR-8,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,25,,5065001517075, ,"LA MOMPOSINA, TOTO - La Bodega",,,
ABB-81038,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678103821,X,LITTLE BROTHER - The Listening,,,
ABB-81047,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678104729, ,THE SOUND PROVIDERS - An Evening With The Sound Providers,,,
ABB-81054,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678105429, ,THE SOUND PROVIDERS - Looking Backwards: 2001 - 1998,,,
ABB-81059,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678105924,X,LIKWIT JUNKIES - The L.J.'s,,,
ABB-81077,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678107720,X,DEFARI - Street Music,,,
ABB-81078,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678107829,X,PLANET ASIA - The Medicine,,,
ABB-81081,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678108123,X,HALL OF JUSTUS - Soliders Of Fortune,,,
ABB-81083,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678108321,X,SAAFIR - Good Game: The Transition,,,
ABB-81084,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678108420, ,SURREAL & THE SOUND PROVIDERS - True Indeed,,,
ABB-81089,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678108925,X,EVIDENCE - The Weatherman LP,,,
ABB-81095,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678109526,X,LITTLE BROTHER - Getback,,,
ABB-81101,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,671678110126,X,ROC C - Scapegoat,,,
ABB-88015,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678801529,X,"BROCKINGTON, DARIEN - Somebody To Love",,,
ABB-88020,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678802021, ,"SOUL:ID - Sex, Love & Philosophy",,,
ABB-89010,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678901120,X,"COMANCHE, CESAR - Squirrel & The Aces",,,
ABB-89015,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,671678901526,X,"COMANCHE, CESAR - Die In Your Lap",,,
ACD-1,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100123, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID - Dawg '90",,,
ACD-2,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100222, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Garcia/Grisman",,,
ACD-3,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100321, ,"BANDOLIM, JACOB DO - Original Classic Recordings - Volume 1",,,
ACD-4,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100420, ,"VARIOUS - BLUEGRASS REUNION - Red Allen with David Grisman, Herb Pedersen, Jim Buchanan, James Kerwin & Jerry Garcia",,,
ACD-5,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100529, ,"ZENKL, RADIM - Galactic Mandolin",,,
ACD-6,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100628, ,"CORIA, ENRIQUE - Solos From South America",,,
ACD-7,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100727, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID QUINTET - Dawgwood",,,
ACD-9,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949100925, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Not For Kids Only",,,
ACD-10,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,20,,715949101021, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & RICE, TONY - Tone Poems",,,
ACD-11,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101120, ,"ALLEN, RED & WAKEFIELD, FRANK - The Kitchen Tapes",,,
ACD-12,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101229, ,"ZENKL, RADIM - Czech It Out",,,
ACD-13,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101328, ,"BANDOLIM, JACOB DO - Original Classic Recordings - Volume 2",,,
ACD-14,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,20,,715949101427, ,"STATMAN, ANDY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Songs of Our Fathers",,,
ACD-15,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101526, ,"BURNS, JETHRO - Swing Low Sweet Mandolin",,,
ACD-17,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101724, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID QUINTET - Dawganova",,,
ACD-18,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,20,,715949101823, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & TAYLOR, MARTI - Tone Poems II",,,
ACD-19,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949101922, ,"OLD AND IN THE WAY - That High Lonesome Sound - Featuring Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, John Kahn, Vassar Clements and Peter Rowan",,,
ACD-20,,CD,,35.98-BH,1,,13,,715949102028, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID QUINTET - DGQ-20",,,
ACD-21,,CD,,20.98-AU,1,,20,,715949102127, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Shady Grove",,,
ACD-22,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949102226, ,"CIPOLLA, RUDY - Portrait of An American Original - with the David Grisman Quintet, Modern Mandolin Quartet, Radim Zenkl, etc.",,,
ACD-23,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949102325, ,"CORIA, ENRIQUE - Latin Touch",,,
ACD-25,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949102523, ,"WATSON, DOC & GRISMAN, DAVID - Doc & Dawg",,,
ACD-26,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949102622, ,"BURNS, KENNETH ""JETHRO"" - Bye Bye Blues",,,
ACD-27,,CD,,20.98-AU,2,,30,,715949102721, ,"APOLLON, DAVE - The Man With The Mandolin",,,
ACD-28,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949102820, ,"OLD AND IN THE WAY - Breakdown - Featuring Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, John Kahn, Vassar Clements and Peter Rowan",,,
ACD-29,,CD,,20.98-AU,2,,30,,715949102929, ,"ALEMAN, OSCAR - Swing Guitar Masterpieces",,,
ACD-33,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103322, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - So What",,,
ACD-34,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103421, ,"COHEN, JOHN - Stories The Crow Told Me",,,
ACD-35,,CD,,26.98-AZ,2,,20,,715949103520, ,VARIOUS - BLUEGRASS MANDOLIN EXTRAVAGANZA,,,
ACD-36,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103629, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & TAYLOR, MARTI - I'm Beginning To See The Light",,,
ACD-37,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103728, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID, HARTFORD, JOHN - Retrograss",,,
ACD-38,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103827, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID - Dawg Duos - with Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor and others",,,
ACD-39,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949103926, ,"STECHER, JODY - Going Up On The Mountain",,,
ACD-41,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949104121, ,"GARCIA, JERRY, GRISMAN, DAVID  - The Pizza Tapes",,,
ACD-42,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,20,,715949104220, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID, AULDRIDGE, MIK - Tone Poems III",,,
ACD-43,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949104329, ,"VIGNOLA, FRANK - Blues For A Gypsy",,,
ACD-44,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949104428, ,"SAWTELLE, CHARLES - Music From Rancho Deville",,,
ACD-45,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949104527, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & ZEITLIN, DENN - New River",,,
ACD-46,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949104626, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Grateful Dawg",,,
ACD-47,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,715949104725, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID, AONZA, CARLO & - Traversata",,,
ACD-49,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,715949104923, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID QUINTET - Dawgnation",,,
ACD-50,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105029, ,"ARANDA, YOLANDA & CORIA, ENRIQ - Intimo",,,
ACD-51,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105128, ,OLD AND IN THE GRAY - Old And In The Gray,,,
ACD-52,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105227, ,"BARNES, GEORGE QUARTET - Don't Get Around Much Anymore",,,
ACD-53,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105326, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & GUESTS - Life Of Sorrow",,,
ACD-54,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105425, ,"BUSH, SAM & GRISMAN, DAVID - Hold On We're Strummin'",,,
ACD-55,,CD,,20.98-AU,2,,30,,715949105524, ,RIDERS IN THE SKY - Silver Jubilee,,,
ACD-56,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,715949105623, ,VARIOUS - 100% HANDMADE BLUEGRASS,,,
ACD-57,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105722, ,"GARCIA, JERRY & GRISMAN, DAVID - Been All Around This World",,,
ACD-58,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105821, ,"CLEMENTS, VASSAR - Livin' With The Blues",,,
ACD-59,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949105920, ,"MONROE, BILL & THE BLUEGRASS B - Live At Mechanics Hall",,,
ACD-60,,CD,,20.98-AU,2,,30,,715949106026, ,"MOORE, TINY & BURNS, JETHRO - Back To Back",,,
ACD-61,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106125, ,OLD SCHOOL FREIGHT TRAIN - Run,,,
ACD-62,,CD,,20.98-AU,2,,30,,715949106224, ,VARIOUS - TONE POETS,,,
ACD-63,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106323, ,"COMPTON, MIKE & LONG, DAVID - Stomp",,,
ACD-64,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106422, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID & STATMAN, ANDY - New Shabbos Waltz",,,
ACD-65,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106521, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID BLUEGRASS EXPER - DGBX",,,
ACD-66,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106620, ,"GRISMAN, DAVID QUINTET - Dawg's Groove",,,
ACD-67,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,715949106729, ,JOHN SEBASTIAN & DAVID GRISMAN - Satisfied,,,
ADD-269065,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,881626906521, ,"YOUNG, ADRIENNE - ROOM TO GROW",,,
ADD-921111,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,828092111127, ,"YOUNG, ADRIENNE - THE ART OF VIRTUE",,,
ADD-927777,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,828092777729, ,"YOUNG, ADRIENNE - PLOW TO THE END OF THE ROW",,,
ADR-2,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000225, ,OUT OF THE BLUE - Blues In A Bottle,,,
ADR-4,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000423, ,"NIMMO BROTHERS, THE - Moving On",,,
ADR-5,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000522, ,"JOHNSON, LARRY - Blues For Harlem",,,
ADR-6,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000621, ,"MOODY, MICKY - I Eat Them For Breakfast",,,
ADR-8,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000829, ,WAMMAJAMMA - Kominatcha,,,
ADR-9,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974000928, ,"BRIDGES, EUGENE HIDEAWAY - Man Without A Home",,,
ADR-10,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001024, ,"DAVIS, DARYL - American Roots",,,
ADR-11,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001123, ,"NIMMO BROTHERS, THE - Coming Your Way",,,
ADR-12,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001222, ,"THORPE, KEVIN / OUT OF THE BLU - Shadowplay",,,
ADR-13,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001321, ,"JOHNSON, LARRY - Two Gun Green",,,
ADR-14,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001420, ,"MOODY, MICKY - Smokestacks Broom Dusters & Hoochie Coochie Men",,,
ADR-15,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001529, ,"BRIDGES, EUGENE HIDEAWAY - Jump The Joint",,,
ADR-16,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001628, ,"NIMMO BROTHERS, THE - New Moon Over Memphis",,,
ADR-17,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001727, ,"ATHAS, ROCKY GROUP - Miracle",,,
ADR-18,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001826, ,"NIMMO BROTHERS, THE - Live Cottiers Theatre",,,
ADR-19,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974001925, ,"KRAMER, BRIAN AND THE - No Regrets",,,
ADR-20,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002021, ,"KENNARD, GUTHRIE - Ranch Road 12",,,
ADR-21,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002120, ,"BRIDGES, EUGENE HIDEAWAY - Coming Home",,,
ADR-22,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002229, ,"ATHAS, ROCKY GROUP - Voodoo Man",,,
ADR-23,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002328, ,"GARNER, BETH - Addictions",,,
ADR-24,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002427, ,"ATHAS, ROCKY GROUP - Lightning Strikes Twice",,,
ADR-25,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002526, ,"BRIDGES, EUGENE HIDEAWAY - Eugene Hideaway Bridges",,,
ADR-27,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002724, ,"NIMMO BROTHERS, THE - Picking Up The Pieces",,,
ADR-28,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002823, ,"MOODY, MICKY - Electric Journeyman",,,
ADR-29,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,689974002922, ,"BRIDGES, EUGENE HIDEAWAY - Live In San Antonio",,,
AFF-1002,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,753182223322, ,IBU - Inspired By U,,,
AFF-1003,,CD,,14.98-AN,2,,30,,753182223339,X,TONE TRUMP - Trump Life,,,
AFF-1004,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,753182223346,X,TQ - Kind Of Blue,,,
AFF-1005,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,753182223353,X,J HOOD - Sorry I Made You Wait,,,
AFF-1006,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,753182223360,X,HOODLUM GANG - Molotov Muzic,,,
AFF-1008,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,753182223377,X,"ILLEST, RAE - The ILLness Vol. 1",,,
AFM-15,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,25,,4009880465523, ,EDGUY - Kingdom of Madness,,,
AFM-24,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,25,,4009880465622, ,EDGUY - Vain Glory Opera,,,
AFM-224,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860000925,X,EXILIA - My Own Army,,,
AFM-229,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,4046661137323, ,ELVENKING - Two Tragedy Poets (And A Caravan Of Weird Figures),,,
AFM-230,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,4046661126228, ,MAGICA - Wolves And Witches,,,
AFM-237,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,884860001625, ,SHAKRA - Everest,,,
AFM-250,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860001229, ,EKTOMORF - What Doesn't Kill Me,,,
AFM-266,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,884860003322, ,EKTOMORF - Destroy,,,
AFM-267,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,884860003223, ,EKTOMORF - Instinct,,,
AFM-269,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,884860003520, ,EKTOMORF - Outcast,,,
AFM-2559,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,884860000420, ,"NEW BLACK, THE - The New Black",,,
AFR-600001,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,25,,884860000123, ,SINNER - Mask Of Sanity,,,
AFR-600011,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860001120, ,NOSTRADAMEUS - Illusion's Parade,,,
AFR-600056,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860005623, ,TANKARD - Thirst,,,
AFR-600061,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860006125, ,U.D.O. - Dominator,,,
AFR-600064,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860006422, ,AXXIS - Utopia,,,
AFR-600068,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860006828, ,MANIMAL - The Darkest Room,,,
AFR-600073,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860007320, ,AT VANCE - Ride The Sky,,,
AFR-600074,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860007429, ,PARADOX - Riot Squad,,,
AFR-600078,,CD,,17.98-AR,2,,25,,884860007825, ,DESTRUCTION - The Curse Of The Antichrist - Live In Agony (Live),,,
AFR-600079,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860007924, ,HEAVENLY - Carpe Diem,,,
AFR-600173,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860017329, ,ORDEN OGAN - Easton Hope,,,
AFR-600180,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,25,,884860018029, ,JON OLIVA'S PAIN - Festival,,,
AFR-600195,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,25,,884860019521, ,EDGUY - The Savage Poetry,,,
AFR-600198,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860019828, ,NEVERLAND - Ophidia,,,
AFR-600199,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,25,,884860019927, ,SOLUTION .45 - For Aeons Past,,,
AFR-600203,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860020329, ,BIG BALL - Hotter Than Hell,,,
AFR-600220,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860022026, ,MAGICA - Dark Diary,,,
AFR-600225,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860022521, ,"DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE - The Time Of No Time Evermore",,,
AFR-600227,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,884860022729, ,GRIFTEGARD - Solemn Sacred Severe,,,
AFR-600230,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860023023, ,TRIOSPHERE - The Road Less Travelled,,,
AFR-600005A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860000529, ,DORO - Fear No Evil,,,
AFR-600093A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860009324, ,THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Forever Is The World,,,
AFR-600103A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860010320, ,"RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Ellite",,,
AFR-600117A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860011723, ,BRAINSTORM - Memorial Roots,,,
AFR-600119A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860011921, ,DARK AGE - Acedia,,,
AFR-600137A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860013727, ,MOB RULES - Radical Peace,,,
AFR-600201A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,884860020121, ,MASTERPLAN - Time To Be King,,,
AFR-600238A,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,50,,884860023825, ,KISSIN  DYNAMITE - Addicted To Metal,,,
AFR-600241A,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,25,,884860024129, ,RPWL - The Gentle Art Of Music,,,
AHR-76985,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,829757698526,X,"SHARP,BREE - LIVE AT THE FEZ",,,
ALL-1,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,5065001357008, ,"CLEMO, PHILIP - The Rooms",,,
AME-25002,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052500220, ,"REEVES,JIM - JIM REEVES RADIO SHOW,FEB 24,1958",,,
AME-25005,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052500527, ,"REEVES,JIM - JIM REEVES RADIO SHOWS,FEB 25-28,1958,THE",,,
AME-25006,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052500626, ,"HALL,DICKSON - OUTLAWS OF THE OLD WEST",,,
AME-25011,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052501128, ,VARIOUS - GREETINGS FROM TEXAS,,,
AME-25012,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052501227, ,VARIOUS - GREETINGS FROM TENNESSEE,,,
AME-25013,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052501326, ,VARIOUS - GREETINGS FROM OKLAHOMA,,,
AME-25015,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052501524, ,VARIOUS - GREETINGS FROM GEORGIA,,,
AME-25016,,CD,,21.98-AV,1,,25,,790052501623, ,VARIOUS - GREETINGS FROM ALABAMA,,,
ANL-22000,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200022, ,"ANGELE DUBEAU, ALAIN MARION - MOZART",,,
ANL-22001,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,055490221121, ,"JOSE VAN DAM, ORCHESTRE DE LA  - The Music Teacher",,,
ANL-22002,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200220, ,RED ARMY CHORUS - Red Army Chorus,,,
ANL-22003,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200329, ,"ALAIN LEFÈVRE - MUSSORGSKY, RACHMANINOV",,,
ANL-22004,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200428, ,"KARINA GAUVIN, TAFELMUSIK BARO - HANDEL:  Arias And Dances",,,
ANL-22005,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200527, ,"MATTHER WHITE, TAFELMUSIK BARO - Italian Oratorios",,,
ANL-22006,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200626, ,I MUSICI DE MONTREAL - Violonchelo Espanol,,,
ANL-22007,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200725, ,MARIE-NICOLE LEMIEUX - BRAHMS,,,
ANL-22008,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204200824, ,"SHANNON MERCER, MASQUES - English Fancies",,,
ANL-22009,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,055490220926, ,"ANGELE DUBEAU, ALAIN MARION, M - MARTINU",,,
ANL-22010,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204201029, ,ANDRE LAPLANTE - RAVEL,,,
ANL-22011,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204201128, ,"ANGELE DUBEAU, ANTON KUERTI - SCHUBERT",,,
ANL-22012,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204201227, ,"KARINE GAUVIN, LUC BEAUSEJOUR, - BACH",,,
ANL-22013,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204201326, ,"GRYPHON TRIO, THE - HAYDN: Piano Trios",,,
ANL-22014,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204201425, ,"LES IDÉES HEUREUSES, GENEVIEVE - GRAUPNER",,,
ANL-22015,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,055490221527, ,ANTON KUERTI - BEETHOVEN,,,
ANL-22022,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,774204202224, ,ANDRE LAPLANTE - BRAHMS,,,
ANL-23008,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204300821, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - Six sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord Op.91",,,
ANL-23019,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204301927, ,QUATUOR ALCAN - String Quartets,,,
ANL-23028,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204302825, ,"ENSEMBLE CARL PHILIPP - The complete organ concertos, 3",,,
ANL-23034,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204303426, ,"DUBEAU, ANGELE - Paganini, de Falla, Piazzolla: Works for Violin and Guitar",,,
ANL-23035,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204303525, ,"BROTT, DENIS - Remembering Piatigorsky",,,
ANL-23040,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204304027, ,"CAMPION, GUY - Complete works for piano four hands",,,
ANL-23041,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204304126, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - 18 Sonatas for Harpsichord",,,
ANL-23042,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204304225, ,"DUBEAU, ANGELE - Schubert: Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano",,,
ANL-23054,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204305420, ,LE CH?UR DES MOINES DE L?ABBAY - Cantus Mariales: Medieval Sacred chants to the Virgin Mary,,,
ANL-23055,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204305529, ,"ENSEMBLE ANONYMOUS - Llibre Vermell, Catalonian Pilgrimage songs & dances from the 14th century",,,
ANL-23056,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204305628, ,ENSEMBLE ANONYMOUS - Rue des Jugleors: Instrumental and vocal music from the 12th to the 14th century,,,
ANL-23063,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204306328, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - Dietrich Buxtehude and the North German School",,,
ANL-23068,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204306823, ,"LAGACE, BERNARD - ?Goldberg? Variations",,,
ANL-23069,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204306922, ,"PIERRI, ALVARO - El Decameron Negro & other guitar works",,,
ANL-23070,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204307028, ,"ENSEMBLE ANONYMUS - A La Via!, Street music from the 13th to the 16th century",,,
ANL-23074,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204307424, ,"CAMPION, GUY - Songbook for piano four hands",,,
ANL-23079,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204307929, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - French Music on Two Harpsichords",,,
ANL-23085,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204308520, ,"DUBEAU, ANGELE - Telemann: Sonatas for Two Violins",,,
ANL-23086,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204308629, ,"ARION - Bach: Six trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530",,,
ANL-23104,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204310424, ,"GRYPHON TRIO, THE - Haydn: Four piano trios",,,
ANL-23107,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204310721, ,"LAPLANTE, ANDRÉ - Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor Op.30; Prelude Op.23 No.1; Automn Song Op.37a, No.10",,,
ANL-23109,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204310929, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Christoph Graupner : Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol.1",,,
ANL-23117,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204311728, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Chopin: Last major piano works: Sonata No.3 in B minor Op.58, Polonaise-Fantaisie in A flat major Op.61, Scher",,,
ANL-23121,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204312121, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - Famous Works for Harpsichord",,,
ANL-23122,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204312220, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Moments musicaux Op.16, Pictures at an Exhibition",,,
ANL-23126,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204312626, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze, Op.6; Grand Sonata No.1 in F sharp minor, Op.11",,,
ANL-23127,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204312725, ,"THE GRYPHON TRIO - Mendelssohn - Lalo: Piano Trios: Piano Trio in C Minor, op.66; Piano Trio in A Minor, op.26",,,
ANL-23128,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204312824, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Vivaldi Per Archi: Concertos for strings",,,
ANL-23130,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204313029, ,"BARIL, LOUISE-ANDRÉE - Song of the Birds: Cello Favourites",,,
ANL-23132,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204313227, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988",,,
ANL-23133,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204313326, ,"PETRIC, JOSEPH - Suites, Sonatas, Airs & Dances",,,
ANL-23134,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204313425, ,"TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Bach: Orchestral Suites Nos. 1, 3 & 4",,,
ANL-23136,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204313623, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Coffee Cantata; Peasant Cantata,,,
ANL-23138,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204313821, ,"LAMON, JEANNE - Orchestral Suites: Alster; Burlesque de Don Quixotte; La Bourse",,,
ANL-23141,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204314125, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Czerny: Piano sonatas",,,
ANL-23143,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204314323, ,"QUILICO, LOUIS - Mr. Rigoletto: My Life in Music",,,
ANL-23145,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204314521, ,"EHNES, JAMES - The Two Violin Sonatas and Five Melodies",,,
ANL-23151,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204315122, ,"EHNES, JAMES - French Showpieces",,,
ANL-23156,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204315627, ,"LOWE, DARREN - Dancing for 100 Years",,,
ANL-23159,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204315924, ,"EHNES, JAMES - Ehnes / Kreisler [Selected Works]",,,
ANL-23163,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204316327, ,"BEAUSÉJOUR, LUC - Sonatas for Harpsichord, Vol.2",,,
ANL-23164,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204316426, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Partien 1718 & Galanteries: Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol.2",,,
ANL-23167,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204316723, ,"DYACHKOV, YEGOR - Sonatas for Cello and Piano",,,
ANL-23170,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204317027, ,"GRYPHON TRIO - Beethoven: Piano Trios, Op.1 Nos.1 & 3",,,
ANL-23171,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204317126, ,"LEMIEUX, MARIE-NICOLE - Scarlatti Salve Regina, Vivaldi Stabat Mater, Concerti Per Archi",,,
ANL-23174,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204317423, ,THE GRYPHON TRIO - Canadian Premieres,,,
ANL-23179,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204317928, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Liszt: Transcriptions: Bach, Wagner",,,
ANL-23180,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204318024, ,"LES IDÉES HEUREUSES - Cantate, Sonate, Ouverture: Instrumental and Vocal Music, Vol.2",,,
ANL-23181,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204318123, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Partien, GWV 103 & 150; Februarius, GWV 110: Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol.3",,,
ANL-23184,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204318420, ,"PATENAUDE, GILBERT - Elegiac & Picturesque Songs",,,
ANL-23187,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204318727, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Beethoven : Hammerklavier Sonatas, Op.101, 106",,,
ANL-23191,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204319120, ,"EHNES, JAMES - Romantic Pieces",,,
ANL-24010,,CD,,105.98-DH,10,,7,,774204401023, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Beethoven: The complete piano sonatas & Diabelli Variations",,,
ANL-28104,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204810429, ,LE CHOEUR DES MONIALES BÉNÉDIC - Cantus Angelicus,,,
ANL-28721,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204872120, ,ANGÈLE DUBEAU & LA PIETÀ - Violins of the World,,,
ANL-28723,,CD,,22.98-AW,2,,30,,774204872328, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Infernal Violins",,,
ANL-28724,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204872427, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Passion",,,
ANL-28726,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204872625, ,ANGELE DUBEAU & LA PIETA - Fairy Tale,,,
ANL-28727,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204872724, ,ANGELE DUBEAU & LA PIETA - GLASS:  Portrait,,,
ANL-28728,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204872823, ,ANGELE DUBEAU (VIOLIN); LA PIE - FRANCAIX:  Gargantua and other Delights,,,
ANL-28729,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,25,,774204872922, ,"ANGELE DUBEAU (VIOLIN) - DUBEAU, Angele:  Virtuose",,,
ANL-28731,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204873127, ,ANGÈLE DUBEAU (VIOLIN); LA PIE - PART:  Portrait,,,
ANL-28740,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204874025, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Solo",,,
ANL-28762,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204876227, ,NAREH ARGHAMANYAN (PIANO) - LISZT & RACHMANINOFF: Piano Sonatas,,,
ANL-28816,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204881627, ,"LACOMBE, JACQUES - The Queen of Spades",,,
ANL-28831,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204883201, ,MONTREAL JAZZ CLUB - Montréal Jazz Club ? Session 1,,,
ANL-28832,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204883225, ,MONTREAL JAZZ CLUB - Montréal Jazz Club ? Session 2,,,
ANL-28833,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,30,,774204883324, ,VARIOUS - Montreal Jazz Club Session 3,,,
ANL-29116,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204911621, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Graupner : Partien auf das Clavier (1718) GWV 104, 105 & 107: Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol.4",,,
ANL-29118,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204911829, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Christoph Graupner : Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol.5",,,
ANL-29119,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204911928, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Graupner: Frühling & Winter, Partitas for Harpsichord Vol.6",,,
ANL-29120,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204912024, ,"GENEVIEVE SOLY - GRAUPER:  Partitas for Harpsichord, vol.7",,,
ANL-29121,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204912123, ,GENEVIEVE SOLY (HARPSICHORD) - Handel in Darmstadt,,,
ANL-29275,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204927523, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Hommage à André Mathieu: Solo Piano Works",,,
ANL-29276,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204927622, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Blissfully Sleepless",,,
ANL-29277,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204927721, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Rhapsodies",,,
ANL-29278,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204927820, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Klavierstucke-Études-tableaux",,,
ANL-29281,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204928124, ,ALAIN LEFEVRE (PIANO); TUCSON  - MATHIEU:  Piano Concerto No. 4,,,
ANL-29282,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204928223, ,"ALAIN LEFEVRE (PIANO); DAVID L - FRANCK, LEKEU, MATHIEU",,,
ANL-29283,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204928322, ,"ALAIN LEFEVRE (PIANO); LONDON  - MENDELSSOHN, SHOSTAKOVICH & MATHIEU: Concertos and Concertino",,,
ANL-29303,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204930325, ,PETITS CHANTEURS DU MONT-ROYAL - PAX CAELESTIS,,,
ANL-29760,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204976026, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Baroque Delights,,,
ANL-29761,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204976125, ,"SOLY, GENEVIEVE - Sonatas for Harpsichord",,,
ANL-29762,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204976224, ,"FORTIN, LYNE - Belle Voci, Arias: Great Singers of Canada",,,
ANL-29764,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204976422, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Of Love and Music,,,
ANL-29781,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978129, ,VARIOUS - Jewels of the Renaissance Era,,,
ANL-29782,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978228, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Jewels of the Baroque Era,,,
ANL-29783,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978327, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Jewels of the romantic era,,,
ANL-29784,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978426, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Jewels of the romantic era vol. II,,,
ANL-29785,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978525, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Jewels of the classical era,,,
ANL-29786,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204978624, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Jewels of the XXth century,,,
ANL-29808,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204980825, ,"LAMOTHE, CLAUDE - Vivace",,,
ANL-29810,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981020, ,SIMILIA - Cantabile,,,
ANL-29811,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204981129, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - A Baroque Feast,,,
ANL-29812,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981228, ,"BEAUSEJOUR, LUC - Baroque Transcriptions: trumpet & organ",,,
ANL-29813,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981327, ,"LAMON, JEANNE - Italian Oratorios",,,
ANL-29814,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204981426, ,"LEFÈVRE, ALAIN - Concerto de Québec, Warsaw Concerto, Concerto in F",,,
ANL-29815,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204981525, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Concerti Virtuosi,,,
ANL-29816,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981624, ,"ENSEMBLE ANONYMUS - The World of Robin and Marion, Songs and Motets from the time of Adam de la Halle (1240-1287)",,,
ANL-29817,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981723, ,SIMILIA - Nota del Sol,,,
ANL-29818,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204981822, ,DUO CAMPION-VACHON : GUY CAMPI - NOEL PIANISSIMO,,,
ANL-29819,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204981921, ,SIMILIA - Fantasia for Flute and Guitar,,,
ANL-29820,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204982027, ,"CAMPION, GUY - Dule Ellington",,,
ANL-29831,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204983123, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Beethoven: Symphonies 5 & 6,,,
ANL-29834,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204983420, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Mozart: Symphonies 40 & 41,,,
ANL-29835,,CD,,18.98-AS,2,,25,,774204983529, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - L'estro armonico,,,
ANL-29853,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204985325, ,"BROCK, AARON - Toccata",,,
ANL-29854,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204985424, ,"GRYPHON TRIO - Shostakovitch: Complete Works for Piano Trio, Silvestrov: Postlude DSCH",,,
ANL-29857,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204985721, ,"GRYPHON TRIO, THE - PIAZZOLA: Tangos",,,
ANL-29858,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995829, ,GRYPHON TRIO - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Trios; Op.1 No.2; Op.97 Archduke,,,
ANL-29862,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204986223, ,TRIO LORRAINE DESMARAIS & JEAN - JAZZ FOR CHRISTMAS,,,
ANL-29863,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204986322, ,"DESMARAIS, LORRAINE - Live at Club Soda",,,
ANL-29869,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204986926, ,LORRAINE DESMARAIS - Big Band,,,
ANL-29873,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204987329, ,BACH CHOIR OF BETHLEHEM; GREG  - BACH CHOIR OF BETHLEHEM;,,,
ANL-29893,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204989323, ,ORCHESTRE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE - Bruckner : Symphonie No.7 (WAB 107),,,
ANL-29897,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204989729, ,I MUSICI DE MONTREAL - Violonchelo español,,,
ANL-29898,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204989828, ,I MUSICI DE MONTREAL - Shostakovich's circle,,,
ANL-29899,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204989927, ,YULI TUROVSKY (CELLO); I MUSIC - SHOSTAKOVICH:  Shostakovich Circle's vol.2,,,
ANL-29900,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204990022, ,"DYACHKOV, YEGOR - Prokofiev & Stravinsky : On Stage",,,
ANL-29902,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204990220, ,LES VOIX BAROQUES - Elegeia,,,
ANL-29903,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204990329, ,"BAYRAKDARIAN, ISABEL - Lieder Chansons Canzoni Mazurkas",,,
ANL-29904,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204990428, ,"WHITE, MATTHEW - Disperato Amore",,,
ANL-29907,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204990725, ,"MERCER, SHANNON - Bach and the Liturgical Year",,,
ANL-29908,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204990824, ,MASQUES - BAROQUE CHRISTMAS,,,
ANL-29909,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204990923, ,MASQUES - Mensa Sonora : Biber and his contemporaries,,,
ANL-29910,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204991029, ,FOUR CENTURIES OF BACH - Concertos for Oboe,,,
ANL-29912,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204991227, ,ENSEMBLE CAPRICE - Vivaldi and the Baroque Gypsies,,,
ANL-29913,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204991326, ,"KUTAN, ALINE - Strauss : Lieder",,,
ANL-29914,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204991425, ,"EYBLER QUARTET - Joseph Leopold Eybler : String Quartet Op.1, Nos 1-3",,,
ANL-29915,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204991524, ,MASQUES - Bach : Sonata & Concerti,,,
ANL-29916,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204991623, ,"ORCHESTRE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE - Bruckner : Symphonie No.4  "" Romantique "" (WAB 104)",,,
ANL-29917,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204991722, ,ENSEMBLE CAPRICE; MATTHIAS MAU - VIVALDI: Gloria; In Furore Giustissmae Irae; Concerto for 2 Recorders; Magnificat; Ostro Picta,,,
ANL-29918,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204991821, ,"WHITE, MATTHEW - Music and Sweet poetry agree",,,
ANL-29920,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204992026, ,"MERCER, SHANNON - Mondonville : Pièces de clavecin avec voix ou violon, op. 5",,,
ANL-29921,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204992125, ,"DANIEL LICHTI (BASSE-BARITONE) - SCHUBERT:  Winterreise, Winter Journey",,,
ANL-29922,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204992224, ,"LAPOINTE, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Verlaine: Symbolist Poets and the French Melodies",,,
ANL-29923,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204992323, ,"DIONNE, CHANTAL - Romances: Liszt, Rachmaninov",,,
ANL-29924,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204992422, ,"LAPOINTE, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Chausson - Duparc: Peom of love and the sea",,,
ANL-29925,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204992521, ,GRYPHON TRIO - Constantinople,,,
ANL-29926,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204992620, ,"QUINTANA(VIOLA DE GAMBA), JEAY - ""CONCERT PARISIEN""",,,
ANL-29930,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204993023, ,SIMILIA - Dolce Vita,,,
ANL-29931,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204993122, ,"JOEL QUARRINGTON (DOUBLE BASS) - QUARRINGTON, Joel: Garden Scene",,,
ANL-29932,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204993221, ,SERHIY SALOV (PIANO) - ''SACRED SPRING OF SLAVS'':  Igor Stravinsky; Ihor Shamo,,,
ANL-29933,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204993320, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Haydn: Six Piano Sonatas",,,
ANL-29944,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204994426, ,VIVIAN HAGNER (VIOLIN) MONTREA - CHIN: Violin Concerto; Rocaná (Room of light/Espace de lumière),,,
ANL-29947,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204994723, ,TAFELMUSICL; BRUNO WEILL; JEAN - BEETHOVEN : Symphonies Nos. 7 & 8,,,
ANL-29948,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,774204994822, ,"TAYLOR, DANIEL - Here let my life",,,
ANL-29952,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995225, ,"ORCHESTRE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE C - TREMBLAY, Jean-Philippe: Betrayals - Music of Wagner, Strauss, Dubois & Champagne",,,
ANL-29954,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995423, ,I MUSICI DE MONTREAL; YULI TUR - TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenir de Florence,,,
ANL-29955,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995522, ,MARI KODAMA (PIANO); DEUTSCHES - BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2,,,
ANL-29956,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995621, ,DANIEL LICHTI (BASS-BARITONE); - WOLF:  Italian Songbook,,,
ANL-29957,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995720, ,ENSEMBLE CAPRICE; MATTHIAS MAU - Salsa Baroque,,,
ANL-29959,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204995928, ,"HELENE PLOUFFE (VIOLA D'AMORE) - PLOUFFE, Helene:  Viola d'amore",,,
ANL-29960,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996024, ,LOUISE BESSETTE (PIANO) - MESSIAEN: La Fauvette des Jardins; Prelude; Petites Esquisses d'Ouiseaux; Canteyodjaya,,,
ANL-29961,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996123, ,"MASQUES;  OLIVIER FORTIN MASQU - MASQUES, Olivier Fortin:  A Baroque Odyssey",,,
ANL-29962,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996222, ,"MARIANNE FISET (SOPRANO); ORCH - FISET, Marianne: Melodiya",,,
ANL-29964,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996420, ,"ANDRE LAPLANTE (PIANO) - CHOPIN:  Sonata No.2 Op.35, Fantaisie Op.49, Mazurkas Op.63, Nocturnes",,,
ANL-29965,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996529, ,"SHANNON MERCER (SOPRANO); SKYE - MERCER, Shannon:  Wales, The Land of Song",,,
ANL-29966,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204996628, ,"SHANNON MERCER (SOPRANO); LUC  - MERCER, Shannon:  O Viva Rosa",,,
ANL-29973,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204997328, ,"JIMMY BRIERE (PIANO) - CORIGLIANO, ROTA, KORNGOLD:  Piano Music",,,
ANL-29974,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204997427, ,"VALERIE MILOT (HARP) - MILOT, Valerie:  Revelation",,,
ANL-29980,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,25,,774204998028, ,ANDRÉ LAPLANTE (PIANO) - LISZT:  Années de pèlerinage: Suisse,,,
ANL-61000,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,30,,622406600020, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Happy Birthday",,,
ANL-61003,,CD,,8.98-AG,1,,25,,774204100360, ,ANGÈLE DUBEAU & LA PIETÀ - CHRISTMAS CARD (CD INCLUDED),,,
ANL-220201,,CD,,16.98-AQ,2,,20,,774204202026, ,ANGELE DUBEAU - Concertos For Violin,,,
ANL-231145,,CD,,34.98-BG,2,,25,,774204311421, ,"ISTOMIN, SERGEI - Six Suites for Solo Cello",,,
ANL-231234,,CD,,18.98-AS,2,,25,,774204312329, ,"LAGACE, BERNARD - Clavierübung III (Organ Mass) and The Six ?Schübler? Chorales",,,
ANL-231478,,CD,,25.98-DM,2,,25,,774204314729, ,JAMES EHNES (VIOLIN) - BACH:  The Six Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin,,,
ANL-287412,,CD,,22.98-AW,2,,22,,774204874124, ,"DUBEAU, ANGÈLE - Solo (CD+DVD)",,,
ANL-292057,,CD,,34.98-BG,3,,13,,774204920524, ,"KUERTI, ANTON - Brahms : Piano Concertos and Piano Solo Works",,,
ANL-297656,,CD,,18.98-AS,2,,25,,774204976521, ,VARIÉS/VARIOUS - Immortalis: A journey into the world of sacred and secular music,,,
ANL-298212,,CD,,34.98-BG,2,,25,,774204982126, ,"BREITMAN, DAVID - Complete Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin, vol.1: Mannheim Sonatas",,,
ANL-298234,,CD,,34.98-BG,2,,25,,774204982324, ,"BREITMAN, DAVID - Mozart : Complete Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin, vol.2: Auernhammer Sonatas",,,
ANL-298278,,CD,,34.98-BG,2,,30,,774204982720, ,GRYPHON TRIO - Mozart: Complete Piano Trios,,,
ANL-298323,,CD,,28.98-BB,3,,15,,774204983222, ,TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - The Baroque Adventure,,,
ANL-298502,,CD,,34.98-BG,3,,15,,774204985028, ,ALAIN MARION (FLUTE) - MARION:  A Life in Music,,,
ANL-298556,,CD,,34.98-BG,2,,30,,774204985523, ,GRYPHON TRIO - Schubert: Complete Piano Trios,,,
ANL-298946,,CD,,34.98-BG,3,,25,,774204989422, ,I MUSICI DE MONTREAL - Cello from Haydn to Bernstein,,,
ANL-299705,,CD,,24.98-AY,6,,14,,774204977023, ,VARIOUS - 20 years of excellence,,,
ANL-299759,,CD,,34.98-BG,5,,12,,774204997526, ,ORCHESTRE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE;  - BEETHOVEN LIVE 9 Symphonies,,,
APE-264101,,CD,,79.98-DD,9,,6,,881626410127, ,"PARTRIDGE, ANDY - FUZZY WARBLES COLLECTOR S BOX",,,
APE-264102,,CD,,16.98-AQ,2,,25,,881626410226, ,MONSTRANCE - MONSTRANCE,,,
APE-264103,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881626410325, ,"HILLE, VEDA - RETURN OF THE KILDEER",,,
APE-264104,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881626410424, ,"MILK AND HONEY BAND, THE - SECRET LIFE OF...",,,
APE-264105,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881626410523, ,"BLEGVAD, PETER & ANDY PARTRIDG - ORPHEUS: THE LOWDOWN",,,
APE-264106,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881626410622, ,"HILLE, VEDA - THIS RIOT LIFE",,,
APE-264107,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,881626410721, ,DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR (XTC) - 25 O CLOCK,,,
APE-264108,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,881626410820, ,DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR (XTC) - PSONIC PSUNSPOT,,,
APE-264109,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,881626410929, ,"MILK & HONEY BAND, THE - DOG EARED MOONLIGHT",,,
APE-264110,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,881626411025, ,PUGWASH - GIDDY,,,
APE-264112,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881626411223, ,"OLIVE, JEN - WARM ROBOT",,,
APR-1016,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587101624, ,"GAUGHAN, DICK - Sail On",,,
APR-1018,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587101822, ,"GAUGHAN, DICK - A Different Kind Of Love Song",,,
APR-1019,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587101921, ,"NEILL, CASEY - Casey Neill",,,
APR-1020,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102027, ,"KAHN, SI - Companion",,,
APR-1021,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102126, ,"ELLIOTT, RAMBLIN' JACK - Kerouac's Last Dream",,,
APR-1022,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102225, ,"HARRIS, KIM & REGGIE - Steal Away",,,
APR-1023,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102324, ,CORDELIA'S DAD - Spine,,,
APR-1024,,CD,,33.98-BF,2,,13,,611587102423, ,"SEEGER, PETE - WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE - The Songs of Pete Seeger - Nanci Griffith, Ani DiFranco, Roger McGuinn, etc.",,,
APR-1025,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102522, ,"STEWART, JOHN & DARWIN'S ARMY - John Stewart & Darwin's Army",,,
APR-1026,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102621, ,"SANDS, TOMMY & SMAILOVIC, VEDR - Sarajevo To Belfast",,,
APR-1027,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102720, ,"GAUGHAN, DICK - Redwood Cathedral",,,
APR-1028,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102829, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - Memories of the Future",,,
APR-1029,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587102928, ,"HARRIS, KIM & REGGIE & MAGPIE - Guide My Feet",,,
APR-1030,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103024, ,"STECHER, JODY - Oh The Wind and The Rain",,,
APR-1031,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103123, ,"NEILL, CASEY TRIO - Skree",,,
APR-1032,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103222, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - You Can't Relive The Past",,,
APR-1033,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103321, ,"YOUNG, STEVE - Primal Young",,,
APR-1034,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103420, ,"HARRIS, KIM & REGGIE - Rock of Ages",,,
APR-1035,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103529, ,VARIOUS - HER BRIGHT SMILE HAUNTS ME STILL - The Warner Collection - Volume One,,,
APR-1036,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103628, ,"VARIOUS - WARNER COLLECTION, The - Nothing Seems Better To Me - Frank Proffitt And The Music Of North Carolina",,,
APR-1037,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,611587103727, ,"CROSSLAND, DAVE - Fields Of Promise",,,
APR-1038,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103826, ,"RIOTS, REBECCA - Gardener",,,
APR-1039,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587103925, ,"SEEGER, PEGGY - Love Will Linger On",,,
APR-1040,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104021, ,"HARDING, JOHN WESLEY - Awake",,,
APR-1041,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104120, ,"HARDING, JOHN WESLEY - Trad Arr Jones",,,
APR-1042,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104229, ,"STONE-SWEET, ALEC - Memory and Praise",,,
APR-1043,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104328, ,"STECHER, JODY & BRISLIN, KATE - Songs Of The Carter Family",,,
APR-1044,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104427, ,"NEILL, CASEY TRIO - Portland West",,,
APR-1045,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104526, ,"HUMPHRIES, PAT - Hands",,,
APR-1046,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104625, ,"MCGUINN, ROGER - Treasures From The Folk Den",,,
APR-1047,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104724, ,"STEWART, JOHN - Wires From The Bunker",,,
APR-1048,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104823, ,VARIOUS - FRISCO MABEL JOY REVISITED,,,
APR-1049,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587104922, ,"IRVINE, ANDY - Way Over Yonder",,,
APR-1050,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105028, ,"KING, CHARLIE & BRANDOW, KAREN - I Struck Gold",,,
APR-1052,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105226, ,"PAXTON, TOM & HILLS, ANN - Under American Skies",,,
APR-1053,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,40,,611587105325, ,"ERIKSEN, TIM - Tim Eriksen",,,
APR-1054,,CD,,22.98-AW,1,,30,,611587105424, ,"VARIOUS - H.A.R.P. - Featuring Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Arlo        Guthrie and Ronnie Gilbert.",,,
APR-1055,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105523, ,"SEEGER, PETE - If I Had A...Songs Of Pete Seeger Vol. 2 - Featuring Billy Bragg, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger & more",,,
APR-1056,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105622, ,"NEAR, HOLLY - Early Warnings",,,
APR-1057,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105721, ,"LEWIS, DAVID - For Now",,,
APR-1058,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105820, ,"GAUGHAN, DICK - Outlaws & Dreamers",,,
APR-1059,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587105929, ,"KEELAGHAN, JAMES - Home",,,
APR-1060,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106025, ,PROVIDENCE - A Fig For A Kiss,,,
APR-1061,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106124, ,"HARRIS, KIM & REGGIE - Simplicity",,,
APR-1062,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,30,,611587106223, ,"DANKO, FJELD & ANDERSEN - One More Shot",,,
APR-1063,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106322, ,"KATZ, SHARON & THE PEACE TRAIN - Imbizo",,,
APR-1065,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106520, ,"CLANCY, AOIFE - Silvery Moon",,,
APR-1066,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,30,,611587106629, ,"NEAR, HOLLY & GILBERT, RONNIE - Lifeline Extended",,,
APR-1067,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106728, ,"PACHECO, TOM - There Was A Time",,,
APR-1068,,CD,,22.98-AW,1,,30,,611587106827, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - Beat Avenue",,,
APR-1069,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587106926, ,"PAXTON, TOM - Looking For The Moon",,,
APR-1070,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107022, ,"STEWART, JOHN - Havana",,,
APR-1071,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107121, ,FOURTOLD - Fourtold,,,
APR-1072,,CD,,22.98-AW,1,,30,,611587107220, ,"SEEGER, PETE - Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger Vol 3 - Featuring Pete Seeger, Steve Earle, Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg & more",,,
APR-1074,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107428, ,"VARIOUS - SPAIN IN MY HEART - Songs Of The Spanish Civil War - Featuring Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg & more",,,
APR-1075,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107527, ,"LAVIN, CHRISTINE & THE MISTLET - The Runaway Christmas Tree",,,
APR-1076,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107626, ,"SEEGER, PEGGY - Heading For Home",,,
APR-1077,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107725, ,"PAXTON, TOM, GIBSON, BOB & HIL - Best Of Friends",,,
APR-1078,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587107824, ,"JOSEPH, MARTYN - Whoever It Was That Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home",,,
APR-1079,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,35,,611587107923, ,"LAVIN, CHRISTINE - Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best",,,
APR-1080,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,35,,611587108029, ,"ERIKSEN, TIM - Every Sound Below",,,
APR-1081,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,35,,611587108128, ,DONOVAN - Beat Cafe,,,
APR-1082,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108227, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - The Street Was Always There",,,
APR-1083,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,30,,611587108326, ,"HARDING, JOHN WESLEY - It Happened One Night / It Never Happened At All",,,
APR-1084,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108425, ,VARIOUS - LET MY PEOPLE GO - A Jewish & African American Celebration Of Freedom - Featuring Kim & Reggie Harris & others,,,
APR-1085,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108524, ,"MCDONNELL, KATE - Where The Mangoes Are",,,
APR-1087,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108722, ,"SEEGER, PEGGY - Love Call Me Home",,,
APR-1088,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108821, ,"STEWART, AL - A Beach Full Of Shells",,,
APR-1089,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587108920, ,"LOVE HALL TRYST, THE - Songs Of Misfortune - Feat. John Wesley Harding, Nora O'Connor, Kelly Hogan & Brian Lohmann",,,
APR-1090,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109026, ,"KENNEDYS, THE - Half A Million Miles",,,
APR-1091,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,35,,611587109125, ,"LAVIN, CHRISTINE - FolkZinger",,,
APR-1092,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109224, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - Waves",,,
APR-1093,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109323, ,"STEWART, JOHN - The Day The River Sang",,,
APR-1094,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109422, ,"WEST, LIZZIE - I Pledge Allegiance To Myself",,,
APR-1096,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,611587109620, ,"VARIOUS - ONE MEATBALL - Featuring Christine Lavin, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Jeff Daniels, Ray Jessel, and more",,,
APR-1097,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109729, ,"KENNEDYS, THE - Songs Of The Open Road",,,
APR-1098,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109828, ,"HARRIS, KIM & REGGIE - Get On Board - Underground Railroad And Civil Rights Freedom Songs - Volume 2",,,
APR-1099,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587109927, ,"BROMBERG, DAVID - Try Me One More Time",,,
APR-1100,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,30,,611587110022, ,"SEEGER, PEGGY - Three Score And Ten - Featuring Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, Martin Carthy, The Watersons",,,
APR-1101,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110121, ,"ANDERSEN, ERIC - Blue Rain",,,
APR-1102,,CD,,19.98-AT,1,,30,,611587110220, ,VARIOUS - Sowing the Seeds - The 10th Anniversary,,,
APR-1103,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110329, ,VARIOUS - Give US Your Poor,,,
APR-1104,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,40,,611587110428, ,SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK - Experience 101,,,
APR-1105,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110527, ,"PAXTON, TOM - Comedians & Angels",,,
APR-1106,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110626, ,"SEEGER, PEGGY - Bring Me Home",,,
APR-1107,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110725, ,"KENNEDYS, THE - Better Dreams",,,
APR-1108,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587110824, ,ANGEL BAND - With Roots & Wings,,,
APR-1110,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111029, ,"BROMBERG, DAVID QUARTET - Live in New York City 1982",,,
APR-1111,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111128, ,"SCOTT, DARRELL - Modern Hymns",,,
APR-1112,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111227, ,"STEWART, AL - Sparks of Ancient Light",,,
APR-1113,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111326, ,"SEEGER, PETE - At 89",,,
APR-1114,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111425, ,"SANDS, TOMMY - Let The Cirlce Be Wide",,,
APR-1115,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111524, ,"RUSH,TOM - What I Know",,,
APR-1116,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111623, ,"WINCHESTER,JESSE - Love Filling Station",,,
APR-1117,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,45,,611587111722, ,"SAINTE-MARIE, BUFFY - Running For the Drum",,,

APR-1118,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,30,,611587111821, ,"SEEGER, PETE - Live in 65",,,
APR-1119,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587111920, ,"HILLS, ANNE - Points of View",,,
APR-1120,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,35,,611587112026, ,"ERIKSEN, TIM - Soul of the January Hills",,,
APR-1122,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587112224, ,ANGEL BAND - Bless My Sole,,,
APR-1123,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,611587112323, ,"SEEGER, PETE - Tomorrow's Children",,,
ARY-8000,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162800024, ,"DAMNED, THE - PUNK GENERATION-THE BEST OF",,,
ARY-8001,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162800123, ,UK SUBS - BEFORE YOU WERE PUNK,,,
ARY-8002,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162800222, ,AGENT ORANGE - BLOOD STAIND HITZ,,,
ARY-8003,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162800321, ,D.R.I. - DIRTY ROTTEN HITZ,,,
ARY-8004,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162800420, ,IGGY & THE STOOGES - SEARCH AND DESTROY,,,
ARY-8005,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162800529, ,ONEWAY SYSTEM - PUNKER THAN F*CK-THE BEST OF,,,
ARY-8006,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162800628, ,"POP,IGGY - SISTER MIDNIGHT",,,
ARY-8007,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162800727, ,OFFSPRING TRIBUTE - OFFSPRING:A TRIBUTE TO THE,,,
ARY-8008,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162800826, ,MISFITS TRIBUTE - MISFITS:A TRIBUTE TO THE,,,
ARY-8012,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162801229, ,"THUNDERS,JOHNNY - ANTHOLOGY",,,
ARY-8025,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,25,,881162802523, ,"VICIOUS,SID - SEARCH & DESTROY",,,
ARY-8033,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,881162803322, ,"TOTAL CHAOS - EARLY YEARS 1989-1993,THE",,,
ARY-8036,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,881162803629, ,BLITZ - ALL OUT BLITZ - THE VERY BEST OF,,,
ARY-8058,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881162805821, ,BROKEN BONES - BONES CLUB - THE BEST OF,,,
ARY-8059,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,881162805920, ,GOLDBLADE - REBEL SONGS,,,
ARY-8060,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881162806026, ,"ADICTS,THE - CLOCKWORK PUNKS-THE COLLECTION",,,
ARY-8066,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,881162806620, ,ANTI-PASTI - NO GOVERNMENT-THE BEST OF,,,
ARY-8068,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,881162806828, ,ALTERNATIVE TV - IN CONTROL - THE BEST OF,,,
ARY-8118,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,881162811822, ,DECRY - Falling - The Best Of,,,
ASV-113,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625011326, ,"MARION VERBRUGGEN (RECORDER) - VERBRUGGEN, Marion:  ""The Art of the Recorder"" - Music by Fontana, Bassano, Non Papa, Marais and Bach",,,
ASV-139,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625013924, ,"THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Missa Mimi; Salve Regina; Alma Redemptoris Mater; And Music by BUSONIS, ISAAC & OBRECHT",,,
ASV-142,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625014228, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - FAYRFAX:  Missa O quam glorifica; Ave Daeis Patris Filia; Orbis Facor; Sumwhat Musyng; others,,,
ASV-145,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625014525, ,"THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK, FRIDES - FAYRFAX:  Missa Tecum Principium",,,
ASV-160,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625016024, ,"THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK, ANDREW - FAYRFAX:  Missa Albanus; Albanus Domini laudans; Ave lumen gratie; Eterne laudis lilium; O Maria Deo grata",,,
ASV-166,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625016628, ,"EX CATHEDRA CHAMBER CHOIR AND  - ""SANCTUS"":  Baroque Music for the Nativity:  Works by Bach, Bouzignac, Corelli, Crestot, Handel, Buxtehude",,,
ASV-168,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625016826, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Requiem; Missa Fors Seulement; Music by DE LA RUE & BRUMEL,,,
ASV-170,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625017021, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; THE FR - BYRD:  Propers for Lady Mass in Advent; Motets,,,
ASV-178,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625017823, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - BYRD:  Latin Church Music - Propers for Christmas Day; 8 Motets,,,
ASV-179,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625017922, ,CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW CAR - BYRD:  Early Latin Church Music - Propers for Epiphany; 11 Motets,,,
ASV-184,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625018424, ,"THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - FAYRFAX:  Mass & Magnificat ""O bone Ihesu""",,,
ASV-185,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625018523, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - FAYRFAX:  Missa Regali ex Progenie; Lauda vivi Alpha et O; Antiphona Regali; Magnificat Regali,,,
ASV-186,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625018622, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Missa Caput; Missa Ma Maistresse; 3 Anonymous Motets,,,
ASV-189,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625018929, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Missa Cuiusvis Toni; Missa Quinti Toni,,,
ASV-197,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625019728, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - BYRD:  Cantiones Sacrae 1575,,,
ASV-198,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625019827, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - VICTORIA:  Missa Gaudeamus; Missa Pro Victoria; 9 Motets,,,
ASV-203,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625020328, ,"MONICA HUGGETT (VIOLIN); THOMA - BIBER:  Violin Sonatas Nos. 2, 3, 5 & 7",,,
ASV-204,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625020427, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Missa L'Homme Arme; Missa Sine Nomine a 3; Music by Morton and Basiron,,,
ASV-205,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625020526, ,"CHRISTOPHER WHITTAN (ORGAN), R - EBERLIN:  Mass in a; Mass in C; Motets; Organ Works",,,
ASV-206,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625020625, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - BYRD:  Three Masses,,,
ASV-214,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625021424, ,CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW CAR - BYRD:  Music For Holy Week; Gradualia,,,
ASV-215,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625021523, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - OCKEGHEM:  Missa Au Travail Suis; Missa Sine Nomine a5,,,
ASV-224,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625022421, ,THE CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW - BYRD:  Cantiones Sacrae 1589,,,
ASV-227,,CD,,32.98-BE,2,,25,,743625022728, ,"JACK GIBBONS (PIANO) - ALKAN:  Twelve Etudes in the Minor Keys, Op. 39; Allegro Barbaro; En songe; Gros temps and others",,,
ASV-234,,CD,,32.98-BE,2,,25,,743625023428, ,"NEW CHAMBER OPERA ENSEMBLE, TH - RAMEAU:  Cantatas (Complete) - Orphee; Aquilon & Orinthie; Amants Trahis; Berger Fidele; Thetis; 2 others",,,
ASV-237,,CD,,32.98-BE,2,,25,,743625023725, ,CHOIR OF GONVILLE & CAIUS COLL - BACH:  St. Mark Passion,,,
ASV-238,,CD,,17.98-AR,2,,25,,743625023824, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET), VARIO - JOHNSON, Emma:  ""The Essential Emma Johnson""",,,
ASV-243,,CD,,32.98-BE,1,,25,,743625024326, ,"THE LINDSAYS; DOUGLAS CUMMINGS - SCHUBERT:  String Quintet in C; String Quartet No. 14 ""Death & The Maiden""; String Quartet No. 12",,,
ASV-302,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625030228, ,THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - DES PREZ:  Missa Faisant Regretz,,,
ASV-306,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625030624, ,CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICKHAM - DES PREZ:  Missa Malheur Me Bat,,,
ASV-309,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625030921, ,CARDINALL'S MUSICK - BYRD:  Cantiones Sacrae 1589; Propers,,,
ASV-332,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625033229, ,CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW CAR - BYRD:  Edition Volume 9,,,
ASV-333,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625033328, ,CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW CAR - PALESTRINA:  Stabat Mater,,,
ASV-338,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625033823, ,VICTORIA VOICES & VIOLS - VICTORIA:  Motets,,,
ASV-341,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625034127, ,THE CLERKS GROUP; EDWARD WICKH - OBRECHT:  Missa Sub Tuum Praesidium,,,
ASV-350,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035025, ,MONICA HUGGET (VIOLIN); EMILIA - BIBER:  Mystery Sonatas Volume 1,,,
ASV-351,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035124, ,MONICA HUGGETT (VIOLIN); EMILI - BIBER:  Mystery Sonatas Volume 2,,,
ASV-352,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035223, ,THE CLERKS GROUP; EDWARD WICKH - DE LA RUE:  Requiems,,,
ASV-353,,CD,,49.98-BR,3,,10,,743625035322, ,"CARDINALL'S MUSICK; ANDREW CAR - FAYRFAX:  Masses, Complete",,,
ASV-356,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035629, ,"MONICA HUGGETT, SONNERIE - BACH:  Violin Concertos",,,
ASV-357,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,25,,743625035728, ,CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICKHAM - OCKEGHAM:  Essential Ockegham,,,
ASV-358,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035827, ,"JACQUELINE ROSS - BACH:  Complete Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, Volume 1",,,
ASV-359,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625035926, ,"JACQUELINE ROSS - BACH:  The Complete Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, Vol. 2",,,
ASV-361,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,25,,743625036121, ,THE CLERK'S GROUP; EDWARD WICK - JOSQUIN:  The Essential Josquin,,,
ASV-362,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625036220, ,"THE CLERKS' GROUP; EDWARD WICK - VARIOUS:  ""In Memoria - Medieval Songs Of Remembrance""",,,
ASV-402,,CD,,25.98-DM,4,,8,,680125040220, ,GORDON FERGUS THOMPSON (PIANO) - DEBUSSY:  Complete Piano Music,,,
ASV-404,,CD,,47.98-BQ,4,,14,,680125040428, ,"LINDSYAS, THE - LINDSAYS, The:  The Art of The Lindsays - Works of Beethoven, Boirodin, Haydn, Mozart, Ravel & Schubert",,,
ASV-406,,CD,,26.98-AZ,4,,14,,680125040626, ,"VARIOUS - VARIOUS:  ""The Four Seasons""  - A Collection of Season Classics",,,
ASV-407,,CD,,26.98-AZ,4,,14,,680125040725, ,THE LINDSAYS (LIVE) - HAYDN:  String Quartets,,,
ASV-446,,CD,,49.98-BR,1,,10,,743625044621, ,THE LINDSAYS - DVORAK:  Complete Chamber Music for String Quartet,,,
ASV-502,,CD,,39.98-BL,5,,10,,680125050229, ,"ROYAL BALLET SINFONIA; BBC CON - SUTHERLAND, Gavin; WORDSWORTH, Barry: Best of British Light Music",,,
ASV-505,,CD,,39.98-BL,5,,10,,680125050526, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); JOHN  - VARIOUS:  ""My England - A Collection of Timeless English Classics""",,,
ASV-506,,CD,,39.98-BL,5,,14,,680125050625, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); VARIO - JOHNSON, Emma:  Art of Emma Johnson, The",,,
ASV-507,,CD,,59.98-BW,5,,10,,680125050724, ,CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF EUROPE - MOZART:  Various Works,,,
ASV-512,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625051223, ,"GOMEZ, TEAR; CHOIR OF KING'S C - HANDEL:  Ode for St. Cecilia's Day",,,
ASV-518,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625051827, ,"ACADEMY OF ST. MARTIN-IN-THE-F - MARRINER, Sir Neville - The English Connection:  Music by Elgar, Tippett, etc.",,,
ASV-526,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625052626, ,BRODSKY QUARTET - DELIUS:  String Quartet,,,
ASV-532,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625053227, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CL); WILLIAM BEN - MOZART:  Clarinet Concerto in A, K 622; Concerto for Flute and Harp, K 299",,,
ASV-537,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625053722, ,"THE LINDSAYS - SCHUBERT:  String Quintet in C, D 956",,,
ASV-560,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625056020, ,"THE LINDSAYS - SCHUBERT:  String Quartet No. 14, D 810 ""Death & the Maiden""; String Quartet No. 12, D 703 ""Quartettsatz""",,,
ASV-582,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625058222, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets, Op. 54/1-3",,,
ASV-585,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625058529, ,EMMA JOHNSON (CL); ENGLISH CHA - WEBER:  Clarinet Concerto No. 1,,,
ASV-621,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625062120, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); GORDO - JOHNSON, Emma - La Clarinette Francaise:  Music by Saint-Saens, Debussy, Milhaud, Poulenc, Ravel and Pierne",,,
ASV-652,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625065220, ,"WILLIAM BENNETT (FLUTE); ENGLI - BENNETT, William - A Celebration for Flute & Orchestra:  Music by Saint-Saens, Hue, Gaubert, Doppler, etc.",,,
ASV-732,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625073225, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); GORDO - JOHNSON, Emma - A Clarinet Celebration:  Music by Weber, Burgmuller, Giampieri, Schumann and Lovreglio",,,
ASV-747,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625074727, ,EMMA JOHNSON (CL); ENGLISH CHA - WEBER:  Clarinet Concerti Nos. 1 and 2; Clarinet Concertino; Grand Duo Concertant,,,
ASV-749,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625074925, ,THE LINDSAYS - JANACEK:  String Quartet No. 1; String Quartet No. 2,,,
ASV-773,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625077322, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC; LORIS T - KHACHATURIAN:  Spartacus Suite; Gayaneh Suite; Masquerade Suite,,,
ASV-777,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625077728, ,"THE LINDSAYS - SMETANA:  String Quartet No. 1 in e ""From My Life""; String Quartet No. 2 in d",,,
ASV-787,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625078725, ,"EMMA JOHNSON(CL),  ROYAL PHILH - FINZI:  Clarinet Concerto, Op. 31; 5 Bagatelles",,,
ASV-788,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625078824, ,"THE LINDSAYS - DVORAK:  String Quartet No. 10 in E-flat, Op. 51; String Quartet No. 14 in A-flat, Op. 105",,,
ASV-791,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625079128, ,ROYAL PHILHARMONIC; YONDANI BU - GOLDMARK:  Rustic Wedding Symphony; Sakuntala Overture,,,
ASV-797,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625079722, ,"THE LINDSAYS - DVORAK:  String Quartet No. 12 in F, Op. 96 ""American""; String Quartet, Op. 106",,,
ASV-801,,CD,,74.98-DC,8,,8,,680125080127, ,THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN: Complete String Quartets,,,
ASV-853,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625085327, ,THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  Seven Last Words of Christ On the Cross (String Quartets 50-56),,,
ASV-858,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625085822, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC; LORIS T - KHACHATURIAN:  Symphony No. 1; Symphony No. 3,,,
ASV-859,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625085921, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC; LORIS T - KHACHATURIAN:  Symphony No. 2; Battle of Stalingrad Suite,,,
ASV-861,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625086126, ,ROYAL PHILHARMONIC; JOSE SEREB - WOLF-FERRARI:  Jewels of the Madonna Suite; I Quattro Rusteghi Suite; Doctor Cupid Overture; etc.,,,
ASV-863,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625086324, ,"MARTIN ROSCOE (PIANO) - DOHNANYI:  4 Rhapsodies, Op. 11; 3 Pieces, Op. 23; Pastorale; 4 Pieces, Op. 2",,,
ASV-865,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625086522, ,ALBERTO PORTUGHEIS (PIANO); AU - GINASTERA:  Danzas Argentinas; Pequena Danza; 12 American Preludes; Piano Sonata No. 1; Cello Sonata; Triste,,,
ASV-878,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625087826, ,ROYAL PHILHARMONIC; YONDANI BU - LALO:  Namouna - Ballet Suite 1 & 2,,,
ASV-880,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625088021, ,"ALBERTO PORTUGHEIS (PIANO) - GINASTERA:  Malambo; Milonga; Piano Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3; 3 Pieces, Op. 6; Creole Dances; Toccata; etc.",,,
ASV-884,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625088427, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC; LORIS T - KHACHATURIAN:  Valencian Widow; Gayaneh Suite No. 2,,,
ASV-888,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625088823, ,STATE OF MEXICO SYMPHONY; ENRI - ALBENIZ:  Iberia Suite; Suite Espanola,,,
ASV-889,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625088922, ,"PETER FRANKL (PIANO); THE LIND - DVORAK:  Piano Quintet in A, Op. 81",,,
ASV-891,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625089127, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); MALCO - JOHNSON, Emma - British Clarinet Music:  Music by Bax, Bliss, Stanford, Ireland and Vaughan Williams",,,
ASV-902,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625090222, ,"ALBERTO PORTUGHEIS (PIANO); BI - GINASTERA:  Piano Quintet; Pampeana No. 1; 12 Songs - Opp. 3, 10 and 11",,,
ASV-905,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625090529, ,"CHRISTINE EDINGER (VIOLIN); EN - BLAKE:  Violin Concerto ""The Leeds""; A Month in the Country; Sinfonietta for Brass",,,
ASV-910,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625091021, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); JULIU - JOHNSON, Emma - Encores 2:  Music by Kreisler, Milhaud, Templeton, Rachmaninoff and others",,,
ASV-911,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625091120, ,"PIETRO SPADA (PIANO); PHILHARM - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Concerto in D, Op. 61 (arr. Beethoven from Violin Concerto); Choral Fantasia in c, Op. 80",,,
ASV-915,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625091526, ,MARTIN ROSCOE (PIANO); VANBRUG - DOHNANYI:  Piano Quintet No. 1; Piano Quintet No. 2; Suite in Olden Style,,,
ASV-922,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625092226, ,EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET); ENGLI - ARNOLD:  Clarinet Concertos Nos. 1 & 2; 3 Shanties; Fantasy; Sonatina; Divertimento,,,
ASV-923,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625092325, ,"THE LINDSAYS, PATRICK IRELAND  - MOZART:  String Quintet No. 4 in g, K 516; String Quartet No. 14 in G, K 387",,,
ASV-930,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625093025, ,THE LINDSAYS - RAVEL:  String Quartet in F,,,
ASV-931,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625093124, ,PAUL CORTESE (VIOLA); PHILHARM - HINDEMITH:  COMPLETE WORKS FOR VIOLA - Volume 1: der Schwanendreher; Kammermusik No. 5; Konzertmusik,,,
ASV-934,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625093421, ,PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA; YONDAN - GOLDMARK:  Symphony No. 2; Der gefesselte Prometheus Overture; In Italien Overture,,,
ASV-937,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625093728, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets, Op. 33, Nos. 1, 2 & 4",,,
ASV-938,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625093827, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets, Op. 33, Nos. 3, 5 and 6",,,
ASV-946,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625094626, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - KHACHATURIAN:  Orchestral Works; Ode in Memory of Lenin,,,
ASV-949,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625094923, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - KHACHATURIAN:  Spartacus - Ballet Suites,,,
ASV-955,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625095524, ,PIETRO SPADA (PIANO & CONDUCTO - SALIERI:  Piano Concerti 1 & 2; Les Horaces and Semiramide Overtures; 26 Variations on Follia Di Spagna,,,
ASV-956,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625095623, ,"PIETRO SPADA AND GIORGIO COZZO - MARTUCCI:  Fantasia in d, Op. 32; Fantasia on ""Un Ballo in Maschera""; Theme & Variations",,,
ASV-966,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625096620, ,"ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - KHACHATURIAN:  Film Music (Pepo, Undying Flame, Secret Mission, Admiral Ushakov, Prisoner No. 217)",,,
ASV-978,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625097825, ,PAUL CORTESE (VIOLA); JORDI VI - HINDEMITH:  COMPLETE WORKS FOR VIOLA - Volume 3:  3 Sonatas for Viola and Piano; Trauermusik; Meditation,,,
ASV-981,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625098129, ,"ORCHESTRA OF ST. JOHN'S, SMITH - GOUNOD:  Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2",,,
ASV-986,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625098624, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - TERTERIAN:  Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4,,,
ASV-989,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625098921, ,"CHOIR OF GONVILLE & CAIUS COLL - RHEINBERGER:  Mass in E-flat, Op. 109; Requiem in d, Op. 194",,,
ASV-992,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625099225, ,"THE LINDSAYS; LOUISE WILLIAMS  - MOZART:  String Quartet in E-flat, K 428; String Quintet in C, K 515",,,
ASV-994,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625099423, ,"TASMIN LITTLE, MARTIN ROSCOE,  - DOHNANYI:  Violin Sonata; Serenade for String Trio; Piano Pieces",,,
ASV-998,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625099829, ,"RADOSLAV KVAPIL (PIANO), MAGDA - NOVAK:  Piano Quintet; 13 Slovak Dances; Songs of a Winter Night",,,
ASV-1018,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625101829, ,"LOUISE WILLIAMS (VIOLA); THE L - MOZART:  String Quartet in d, K421; String Quintet in D, K 593",,,
ASV-1031,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625103120, ,"EILEEN HUANG (PIANO), CHINA CE - ""YELLOW RIVER CONCERTO"":  3 Chinese Piano Cti. - Yellow River Cto.*; Moon's Reflection; Chinese Youth Concerto",,,
ASV-1032,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625103229, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - KABALEVSKY:  Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2; Spring; Overture Pathetique,,,
ASV-1042,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625104226, ,"THE LINDSAYS, JANET HILTON (CL - MOZART:  Clarinet Quintet in A, K 581; String Quartet No. 18, K 464",,,
ASV-1054,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625105421, ,"SCHOLA CANTORUM; KARE HANKEN - NYSTEDT:  Stabat Mater; Miserere; If You Receive My Words; Thou, O Lord; Immortal Bach; O Crux; others",,,
ASV-1055,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625105520, ,ATLAS CAMARATA; DALIA ATLAS - BLOCH:  Concerto Grosso No. 1; Concerto Grosso No. 2; Quartet for Strings,,,
ASV-1075,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625107524, ,ARMENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTR - GLINKA:  Life for the Tsar - Overture & Suite; 2 Spanish Overtures; Valse-Fantasie (orch. Glinka),,,
ASV-1076,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625107623, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets Op. 76, Nos. 1, 2 ""Fifths"" & 3",,,
ASV-1077,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625107722, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  Sting Quartets Op. 76, Nos. 4-6",,,
ASV-1079,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625107920, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLT), TAKACS-NAG - MOZART:  Clarinet Quintet in A, K 581",,,
ASV-1082,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625108224, ,"BADURA-SKODA, S. BENDA (PIANOS - MARTIN:  Piano Concertos; Danse for 2 Pianos; Ballade",,,
ASV-1083,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625108323, ,THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets Op. 64 Nos. 1 - 3,,,
ASV-1084,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625108422, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets Op. 64, Nos. 4, 5 ""The Lark"" & 6",,,
ASV-1095,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625109528, ,ORCHESTRE DE BRETAGNE: STEFAN  - GRETRY:  Suites & Overtures,,,
ASV-1102,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625110227, ,ARMENIAN PHILAHARMONIC; LORIS  - IPPOLITOV-IVANOV:  Armenian Rhapsody; Iveria Suite; Mtzyri; Turkish Fragments; Turkish March; Jubilee March,,,
ASV-1107,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625110722, ,JANICE GRAHAM (VIOLIN); ENGLIS - DOHNANYI:  Violin Concerto No. 2,,,
ASV-1111,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111125, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Vol. 1: Opus 18, Nos. 1, 2 & 3",,,
ASV-1112,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111224, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Vol. 2: Opus 18, Nos. 4 & 5",,,
ASV-1113,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111323, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Vol. 3: Opus 18, NO. 6",,,
ASV-1114,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111422, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Op. 59, Nos. 1 & 3",,,
ASV-1115,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111521, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets, Op. 59, No. 2 'Razumovsky'; Op. 74 'Harp'",,,
ASV-1116,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111620, ,THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Op. 95 & Op. 127,,,
ASV-1118,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111828, ,"THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  Sting Quartet, Op. 132; String Quintet, Op. 104",,,
ASV-1119,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625111927, ,THE LINDSAYS - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartets Volume 9,,,
ASV-1120,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625112023, ,FUJITA PIANO TRIO - TAKEMITSU:  Between Tides,,,
ASV-1126,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625112627, ,"EASNER; DALL'OLIO; ASHBY; MAY; - ""20th CENTURY CONCERTI"" - Music by Williams, Tailleferre, Tomasi, Mayuzumi",,,
ASV-1130,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625113020, ,"HELEN CALLUS (VIOLA); ROBERT M - CALLUS, Helen:  ""Portrait of the Viola"" - Music of Rebecca Clarke And Her Contemporaries",,,
ASV-1133,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625113327, ,ROBERT PLANE (CLARINET); PHILI - BRUCH:  Kol Nidrei For Viola & Piano; Romance For Viola & Piano; 6 Pieces For Piano; 8 Pieces For Clarinet,,,
ASV-1137,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625113723, ,"BOCHUM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; STE - MARX:  Complete Orchestral Music, Volume 1",,,
ASV-1143,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625114324, ,LOUISE WILLIAMS (VIOLO); RAPHA - BORODIN:  String Quartets / Sextet,,,
ASV-1148,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625114829, ,YURI GANDELSMAN (VIOLA); SLOVA - BLOCH:  Israel Symphony; Suite for Viola & Orchestra,,,
ASV-1150,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625115024, ,ORQUESTA FILARMONICA DE GRAN C - VILLA-LOBOS:  Choros 1-7,,,
ASV-1151,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625115123, ,MARIA ISABEL SIEWERS (GUITAR); - PIAZZOLLA:  Histoire  du Tango,,,
ASV-1173,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625117325, ,"RUTH BOLISTER (OBOE); KATE HIL - BOLISTER, Ruth:  ""English Oboe Concertos""",,,
ASV-1174,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625117424, ,DAVID LIVELY (PIANO); BOCHUM S - MARX:  The Piano Concertos,,,
ASV-1176,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625117622, ,RAPHAEL WALLFISCH (CELLO); LON - GRIEG:  Cello Concerto,,,
ASV-1181,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625118124, ,HELEN CALLUS - VARIOUS:  British Viola Concertos,,,
ASV-2053,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625205329, ,EAST OF ENGLAND ORCHESTRA; MAL - COATES:  By the Sleepy Lagoon; London Suite; The Three Bears; The Three Elizabeths Suite  (Orch. Works Vol. 1),,,
ASV-2067,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625206722, ,LONDON WIND ORCHESTRA; DENNIS  - GRAINGER:  Molly on the Shore; Shepherd's Hey; Irish Tune from County Derry; A Lincolnshire Posy,,,
ASV-2098,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625209822, ,"KEVIN MORGAN (TUBA); PAUL BATE - ""VIRTUOSO TUBA"" - Classics and Pop Favorites Scored for Tuba- Music by Waller, Verdi, Loewe, Vaughan Williams",,,
ASV-2112,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625211221, ,"BBC CONCERT ORCHESTRA; JOHN WI - COATES:  ""The Enchanted Garden""",,,
ASV-2115,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625211528, ,"ADDINSELL, RICHARD - Film Music",,,
ASV-2120,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625212020, ,"DYSON, PHILLIP - The Entertainer - Music of Scott Joplin",,,
ASV-2122,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625212228, ,"DAVID OWEN NORRIS (PIANO), BBC - LAMBERT:  Piano Concerto No. 1; Merchant Seaman Suite; Pomona; Prize Fight",,,
ASV-2138,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625213829, ,"JOHN HARLE (SAXOPHONE); ROYAL  - ""LONDON LANDMARKS"" - Music of Watts, Morley, Lane, Gunning, Tate, Wood and Lewis",,,
ASV-2142,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625214222, ,"CITY OF PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC OR - SUTHERLAND, Gavin:  ""British By Arrangement"" -",,,
ASV-2151,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625215120, ,RODERICK ELMS (PIANO); BBC CON - WILLIAMS:  Music of Charles Williams,,,
ASV-2155,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625215526, ,"ROYAL BALLET SINFONIA; GAVIN S - VARIOUS:  ""British By Arrangement Volume 2""",,,
ASV-2157,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625215724, ,THE JOHANN STRAUSS ORCHESTRA;  - STRAUSS:  The Strauss Album,,,
ASV-3001,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625300123, ,ISRAELA MARGALIT (PIANO); STAN - MOZART:   Quintets,,,
ASV-3002,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625300222, ,THE SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - BRAHMS:  Piano Quintet in F minor; Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor,,,
ASV-3003,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625300321, ,"NIKLAS SIVELOV (PIANO) - SIVELOV,Niklas:  PIANO MUSIC OF ARGENTINA",,,
ASV-3006,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625300628, ,LONDON WIND ORCHESTRA; DENIS W - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS:  Wind Music,,,
ASV-3008,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625300826, ,WILLIAM BENNETT (FLUTE); GEORG - BACH:  Flute Sonatas,,,
ASV-3012,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625301229, ,"JULIAN LLOYD WEBBER (CELLO) - WEBBER, Julian Lloyd:  The Romantic Cello",,,
ASV-3013,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625301328, ,"THE LONDON GABRIELI BRASS ENSE - VARIOUS:  ""The Splendor of Baroque Brass""",,,
ASV-3014,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625301427, ,NATIONAL YOUTH ORCHESTRA; SIMO - STRAVINSKY:  The Rite of Spring; The Firebird,,,
ASV-3016,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625301625, ,"HAROLD BRITTON (ORGAN) - BRITTON, Harold:  Organ Spectacular",,,
ASV-3022,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625302226, ,"JOHN SCOTT (ORGAN) - VARIOUS:  ""Organ of St Paul's Cathedral""; The works of Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, & more.",,,
ASV-3025,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625302523, ,VLADIMIR SPIVAKOV (VIOLIN); LO - VIVALDI:  Four Seasons,,,
ASV-3026,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625302622, ,"LUCY PARHAM (PIANO); BBC CONCE - SCHUMANN, Robert & Clara:  Piano Concertos",,,
ASV-3027,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625302721, ,PETER USTINOV (NARRATOR); THE  - SAINT-SAENS:  Carnival of the Animals,,,
ASV-3028,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625302820, ,ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA;  - HOLST:  The Planets; St. Paul's Suite,,,
ASV-3036,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625303629, ,THE MAGGINI QUARTET - SCHUBERT:  String Quartet No. 14,,,
ASV-3037,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625303728, ,ALBERTO PORTUGHEIS (PIANO); LO - KHACHATURIAN:  Piano Concerto,,,
ASV-3038,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625303827, ,"JAMES LANCELOT (ORGAN); WINCHE - VARIOUS:  ""Carols from Winchester Cathedral""",,,
ASV-3039,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625303926, ,"WELLS CATHEDRAL CHOIR; ANTHONY - VARIOUS:  ""Christmas Carols from Wells & Salisbury""",,,
ASV-3040,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,25,,743625304022, ,THE SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - FAURE:  2 Piano Quartets,,,
ASV-3046,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625304626, ,VARIOUS - VARIOUS:  Childrens Games,,,
ASV-3049,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625304923, ,"ALAN BARLOW; ROYAL PHILHARMONI - VARIOUS:  ""This England""",,,
ASV-3052,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625305227, ,"HARRY ENFIELD (NARRATOR) - SMAIL, Tom & HOUSE, Emma:  Fairy Tales, Red Riding Hood & Sleeping Beauty",,,
ASV-3057,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625305722, ,ENGLISH SINFONIA; JOHN FARRER - TIPPETT:  Concerto For Double String Orchestra; Little Music For String Orchestra,,,
ASV-3058,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625305821, ,"BENJAMIN FIRTH (PIANO) - BEETHOVEN:  Diabelli Variations, Op. 120; Variations on an Original Theme, WoO. 80",,,
ASV-3060,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625306026, ,LORRAINE MCASLAN (VIOLIN); JOH - ELGAR:  Violin Sonatas; Allegro; Romance; Allegro non troppo,,,
ASV-3061,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625306125, ,"FRANK LLOYD (HORN); PHILHARMON - STRAUSS, R.:  Death & Transfiguration; Hoen Concerto No. 1; Don Juan",,,
ASV-3062,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625306224, ,"IAN PARTIDGE (TENOR); GEORGE M - PARTRIDGE, Ian: ""Sweeter Than Roses"" - Songs by Henry Purcell and Benjamin Britten",,,
ASV-3064,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625306422, ,MELOS ENSEMBLE; ADENEY - MOZART:  Flute Quartets,,,
ASV-3066,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625306620, ,PRIMAVERA CHAMBER ENSEMBLE - MENDELSSOHN:  Octet & String Quartet,,,
ASV-3071,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625307122, ,XIAO-MONG HAN; ENGLISH CHAMBER - MOZART:  The Four Horn Concertos Concert Rondo,,,
ASV-3073,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625307320, ,DAVID M. PATRICK; THE ORGAN OF - VARIOUS:  French Organ Masterworks,,,
ASV-3075,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625307528, ,ANGELL TRIO - MARTINU:  Three Piano Trios; Duo No. 2 for Violin 7 Cello,,,
ASV-3076,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625307627, ,"ETON COLLEGE CHAPEL CHOIR - VARIOUS:  ""Christmas Music from Eton College""",,,
ASV-3078,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,20,,743625307825, ,"VARIOUS - VARIOUS:  ""Kid's Love Christmas""",,,
ASV-3079,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625307924, ,"SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - MENDELSSOHN:  Piano Quartet No. 2 in F minor, Op. 2",,,
ASV-3080,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308020, ,"SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - MENDELSSOHN:  Piano Quartet No. 1 on C Minor, Op. 1",,,
ASV-3081,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308129, ,"SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - BRAHMS:  Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor, Op. 60",,,
ASV-3082,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308228, ,VARIOUS - TCHAIKOVSKY:  The Best of Tchaikovsky,,,
ASV-3083,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308327, ,VARIOUS - SIBELIUS:  The Best Of Sibelius,,,
ASV-3084,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308426, ,VARIOUS - CHOPIN:  Best of Chopin,,,
ASV-3085,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308525, ,VARIOUS - HANDEL:  The Best of Handel,,,
ASV-3086,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308624, ,VARIOUS - PUCCINI:  The Best of Puccini,,,
ASV-3087,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308723, ,VARIOUS - BACH:  The Best of J.S. Bach,,,
ASV-3088,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308822, ,VARIOUS - RIMSKY-KORSAKOV:  The Best of Rimsky-Korsakov,,,
ASV-3089,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625308921, ,VARIOUS - STRAUSS:  The Best Of Johann Strauss II,,,
ASV-3090,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309027, ,VARIOUS - LISZT:  The Best of Liszt,,,
ASV-3091,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309126, ,VARIOUS - MENDELSSOHN:  The Best of Mendelssohn,,,
ASV-3092,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309225, ,VARIOUS - GRIEG:  Best Of - Holberg Suite; Piano Concerto; Music from Peer Gynt and more,,,
ASV-3093,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309324, ,VARIOUS - VERDI:  The Best of Verdi,,,
ASV-3094,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309423, ,VARIOUS - SCHUMANN:  The Best of Schumann,,,
ASV-3095,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309522, ,VARIOUS - HAYDN:  The Best of Haydn,,,
ASV-3096,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309621, ,VARIOUS - RACHMANINOV:  The Best of Rachmoninov,,,
ASV-3097,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309720, ,VARIOUS - VIVALDI:  The Best of Vivaldi,,,
ASV-3098,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309829, ,VARIOUS - BEETHOVEN:  The Best of Beethoven,,,
ASV-3099,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625309928, ,VARIOUS - ROSSINI:  The Best of Rossini,,,
ASV-3100,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625310023, ,VARIOUS - MOZART:  The Best of Mozart,,,
ASV-3101,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625310122, ,VARIOUS - GERSHWIN:  The Best of Gershwin,,,
ASV-3104,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,743625310429, ,"VARIOUS - VARIOUS:  ""Kids Love Ballet!""",,,
ASV-3500,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,680125350022, ,BRODSKY QUARTET - TCHAIKOVSKY:  String Quartets Nos. 2 & 3,,,
ASV-3501,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,680125350121, ,"BRODSKY QUARTET AND FRIENDS - VARIOUS:  ""Moodswings""",,,
ASV-3502,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,680125350220, ,BRODSKY QUARTET - BEETHOVEN:  String Quartet Op.35 No.2 in E minor & No. 3 in C minor,,,
ASV-3503,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,680125350329, ,BRODSKY QUARTET - JANACEK:  String Quartets 1 & 2,,,
ASV-4001,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625400120, ,"EMMA JOHNSON (CLARINET) - VARIOUS:  Works for clarinet by Mozart, Wagner and Weber",,,
ASV-4002,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625400229, ,NASH ENSEMBLE - BEETHOVEN:  Septet Op. 20 and Sextet,,,
ASV-4005,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625400526, ,"NASH ENSEMBLE - SCHUBERT:  Schubert Octet in F, D803",,,
ASV-4007,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625400724, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets, Op 50 Nos 1-3",,,
ASV-4008,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625400823, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets, Op 50 Nos 4-6",,,
ASV-4010,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401028, ,THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets Op. 77,,,
ASV-4011,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401127, ,NASH ENSEMBLE - DVORAK:  Quintet; Sextet,,,
ASV-4012,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401226, ,"THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartet Op. 71, Nos 1-3",,,
ASV-4013,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401325, ,THE LINDSAYS - HAYDN:  String Quartets Op. 74,,,
ASV-4015,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401523, ,"THE NASH ENSEMBLE - MOZART:  Piano Quartet in G Minor, K478; Piano Quartet in E flat, K493",,,
ASV-4016,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401622, ,THE LINDSAYS - BRAHMS:  Sextet,,,
ASV-4018,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401820, ,RAPHAEL WALLFISCH - ROZSA:  Cello Concertos,,,
ASV-4019,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625401929, ,THE SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - FRANCK:  Quintet for Piano & Strings in F minor; Sonata for Violin & Piano in A,,,
ASV-4020,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625402025, ,LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; SOM - KORNGOLD:  Symphonic Serenade,,,
ASV-4021,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625402124, ,SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE - SCHUMANN:  Piano Quartet in E flat; Piano Quintet in E flat,,,
ASV-4022,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625402223, ,ENSAMBLE 360 - MOZART:  Clarinet Quintet; Piano & Wind Quintet; Flute Quartet; Adagio for Cor Anglais,,,
ASV-4023,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625402322, ,PETER CROPPER (VIOLIN); MARTIN - BEETHOVEN:  The Complete Violin Sonatas Volume 1,,,
ASV-4025,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,25,,743625402520, ,ELIAS QUARTET - MENDELSSOHN:  String Quartets Op. 13 & Op. 80; Four Pieces Op. 81,,,
ASV-4026,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,743625402629, ,ENSEMBLE 360 - SPHOR:  Septet & Nonet,,,
ASV-204B,,CD,,17.98-AR,2,,25,,680125020420, ,HALLE ORCHESTRA; JOHN LILL - BRAHMS:  Piano Concertos 1 & 2,,,
ASV-COE809,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,680125080929, ,"THE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF EUROP - STRAUSS, R.:  Bourgeois Gentilhomme Suite; Couperin Dance Suite",,,
ASV-COE811,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,680125081124, ,SOLOISTS; CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF - COPLAND:  Clarinet Concerto,,,
ASV-COE813,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,680125081322, ,THE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF EUROP - MOZART:  Flute Concerto; Bassoon Concerto; Flute & Harp Concerto,,,
ASV-COE814,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,25,,680125081421, ,"THE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF EUROP - MOZART:  Oboe Concerto in C, K. 314; Sinfonia Concertante for Winds; Clarinet Concerto",,,
ASV-R101,,CD,,79.98-DD,10,,8,,680125010124, ,JOHN LILL (PIANO) - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Sonatas 1 - 32,,,
ASV-R205,,CD,,17.98-AR,2,,25,,680125020529, ,"ROYAL BALLET SINFONIA; GAVIN S - ""BRITISH LIGHT MUSIC COLLECTION 1""; Works by Alwyn, Arnold, Bennett, Butterworth, Cruft, Hedges, Jacob",,,
ASV-R403,,CD,,25.98-DM,4,,14,,680125040329, ,THE LINDSAYS - SCHUBERT:  The Late String Quartets; String Quintet,,,
ATM-1182,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118228, ,MIECZSLAW HORSZOWSKI (PIANO) - BACH:  The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1,,,
ATM-1183,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118327, ,VIENNA STATE OPERA ORCHESTRA;  - MOZART:  Symphonies 40 & 41; Opera Overtures,,,
ATM-1184,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118426, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - BRAHMS:  The Four Symphonies,,,
ATM-1185,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118525, ,ALFRED BRENDEL (PIANO); DENIS  - MOZART:  Great Piano Concertos,,,
ATM-1187,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118723, ,ALFRED BRENDEL (PIANO); BRUCE  - CHOPIN:  MasterPieces Volume 1,,,
ATM-1188,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675118822, ,I SOLISTI - VIVALDI:  The Four Seasons,,,
ATM-1189,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675118921, ,NATHANIA DEVRATH (SOPRANO); PI - CANTALOUBE:  Songs Of The Auvergne,,,
ATM-1190,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675119027, ,LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI - TCHAIKOVSKY:  Symphony No. 4,,,
ATM-1191,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119126, ,LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA; - BEETHOVEN:  Symphonies Nos. 3 & 5; Egmont Overture; Corilian Overture,,,
ATM-1192,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119225, ,LONDON PHILHARMONIC; SIR ADRIA - BEETHOVEN:  Symphonies Nos. 6 & 7,,,
ATM-1193,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119324, ,"BRUCE HUNGERFORD (PIANO) - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Sonatas (Moonlight, Waldstein, Appassionata)",,,
ATM-1194,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119423, ,"THE BOSKOVSKY ENSEMBLE - VARIOUS:  ""Creampuffs From Vienna""",,,
ATM-1195,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675119522, ,ALFRED BRENDEL (PIANO); DENIS  - MOZART:  Masterpieces For Solo Piano Volume 1,,,
ATM-1196,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119621, ,JEANNE-MARIE DARRE (PIANO); BR - CHOPIN:  Masterpieces Volume 2,,,
ATM-1197,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119720, ,LINCOLN CENTER CHAMBER MUSIC S - SCHUBERT:  Chamber Music Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1198,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119829, ,LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; PIE - TCHAIKOVSKY:  Symphonies No. 5; Serenade for Strings,,,
ATM-1199,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675119928, ,"MISCHA ELMAN (VIOLIN); JOSEPH  - ELMAN, Mischa: Violin Virtuoso Masterpieces",,,
ATM-1200,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675120023, ,"ALIRIO DIAZ (GUITAR); I SOLIST - DIAZ, Alirio:  ""Guitar Masterpieces""",,,
ATM-1201,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675120122, ,UTAH SYMPHONY; MAURICE ABRAVEN - SIBELIUS:  Symphonies Nos. 1 - 4,,,
ATM-1202,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675120221, ,UTAH SYMPHONY; MAURICE ABRAVAN - SIBELIUS:  Symphonies Nos. 5 - 7,,,
ATM-1204,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675120429, ,GRILLER STRING QUARTET; WILLIA - MOZART:  Complete String Quintets,,,
ATM-1209,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675120924, ,ALFRED BRENDEL (PIANO); BRUCE  - SCHUBERT:  Piano Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1210,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675121020, ,UTAH SYMPHONY; MAURICE ABRAVAN - MAHLER:  Symphony No. 1; Des Knaben Wunderhorn,,,
ATM-1211,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675121129, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - MALHER:  Symphony No 3,,,
ATM-1212,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675121228, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - MAHLER:  Symphonies 2 & 4,,,
ATM-1213,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675121327, ,JEANNE-MARIE DARRE (PIANO); AL - LISZT:  Piano Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1217,,CD,,11.98-AK,2,,30,,699675121723, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - TCHAIKOVSKY:  Swan Lake,,,
ATM-1218,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675121822, ,ANTONIO JANIGRO (CELLO); JORG  - BEETHOVEN:  Complete Cello Sonatas,,,
ATM-1220,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675122027, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - MAHLER:  Symphonies 5 & 6,,,
ATM-1222,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675122225, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - MAHLER:  Symphonies 7 & 8,,,
ATM-1223,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675122324, ,UTAH SYMPHONY; MAURICE ABRAVEN - MAHLER:  Symphonies Nos. 9 & 10,,,
ATM-1227,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675122720, ,AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA;  - RESPIGHI:  Orchestral Works; Ancient Airs and Dances; The Birds; Pines of Rome; Roman Festivals,,,
ATM-1228,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675122829, ,ALEXANDER SCHNEIDER - BRAHMS:  Piano Quartets,,,
ATM-1237,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675123727, ,BRUCE HUNGERFORD (PIANO) - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Sonatas Volume 2,,,
ATM-1239,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675123925, ,"GIL SHAHAM - SHAHAM, Gil:  The Faure Album",,,
ATM-1240,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,699675124021, ,BERLIN PHILHARMONIC STRING SOL - HERSCH:  Chamber Music,,,
ATM-1241,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124120, ,"VIENNA CHAMBER CHOIR; VIENNA S - BACH:  Canatatas 21, 34, 46, 56, 104",,,
ATM-1242,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124229, ,FELICITY PALMER (SOPRANO); ENG - BACH:  Mass In B minor,,,
ATM-1244,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124427, ,NIKOLAUS HARNONCOURT (VIOLA DA - BACH:  The Brandenburg Concertos,,,
ATM-1245,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124526, ,VIENNA STATE OPERA ORCHESTRA;  - BACH:  The Orchestral Suites,,,
ATM-1246,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124625, ,JOSEPH SZIGETI (VIOLIN) - BACH:  Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas,,,
ATM-1247,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124724, ,JAMES FRISKIN (PIANO) - BACH:  Goldberg Variations; French Suites; Two Part Inventions,,,
ATM-1249,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675124922, ,ANTON HEILLER (HARPSICHORD); I - BACH:  Harpsichord Concerti,,,
ATM-1264,,CD,,14.98-AN,3,,20,,699675126421, ,VIVALDI:  Concerto Masterpieces; The Four Seasons,,,
ATM-1265,,CD,,14.98-AN,3,,20,,699675126520, ,MOZART:  Great Piano Concertos,,,
ATM-1270,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675127022, ,"A. LINDER (HORN); H. GOMBERG ( - MOZART:  Concerto Masterpieces; Horn, Oboe & Violin",,,
ATM-1271,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675127121, ,JULIUS BAKER (FLUTE); PAULA RO - MOZART:  Masterpieces for Flute,,,
ATM-1272,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675127220, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - COPLAND:  Orchestral masterpieces - Fanfare for the Common Man; Lincoln Portrait; Piano Concerto; Quiet City,,,
ATM-1273,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675127329, ,VIENNA STATE OPERA ORCHESTRA;  - DVORAK:  Orchestral Masterpieces - Symphony No. 9 'New World'; Slavonic Dances,,,
ATM-1274,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675127428, ,MISCHA ELMAN (VIOLIN); VIENNA  - MENDELSOHN:  Orchestral Masterpieces - Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5; Violin Concerto,,,
ATM-1275,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675127527, ,CONCENTUS MUSICUS WIEN; NICHOL - TELEMANN:  Concertos,,,
ATM-1276,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675127626, ,"HARNONCOURT BAROQUE ENSEMBLE;  - HARNONCOURT, Nicholas:  ""Music From the time of Louis XIV""",,,
ATM-1277,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675127725, ,"CONCENTUS MUSICUS; NICHOLAS HA - HARNONCOURT, Nicholas:  ""Instrumental Music From the Year 1600",,,
ATM-1279,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675127923, ,"GUSTAV LEONHARDT (ORGAN) - LEONHARDT, Gustav:  ""Organ Music of the 1600s""",,,
ATM-1280,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675128029, ,GUSTAV LEONHARDT (ORGAN) - FRESCOBALDI:  Music for Organ and Keyboard,,,
ATM-1281,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675128128, ,GUSTAV LEONHARDT (HARPSICHORD) - BACH:  Goldberg Variations,,,
ATM-1487,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675148720, ,BRUCE HUNGERFORD (PIANO) - BEETHOVEN:  Piano Sonatas,,,
ATM-1488,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675148829, ,RUSSELL SHERMAN (PIANO) - LISZT:  The Complete Transcendental Etudes,,,
ATM-1490,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675149024, ,ALFRED BRENDEL (PIANO); JACQUE - SCHUMANN:  Piano Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1491,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675149123, ,BRUCE HUNGERFORD (PIANO); EARL - BRAHMS:  Piano Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1492,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675149222, ,LILI KRAUS (PIANO) - SCHUBERT:  Piano Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1493,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675149321, ,PAULA ROBISON (FLUTE); KENNETH - BACH:  Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord,,,
ATM-1494,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675149420, ,PAULA ROBISON (FLUTE); KENNETH - HANDEL:  Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord,,,
ATM-1495,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675149529, ,I SOLISTI ZAGREB; ANTONIO JANI - HAYDN:  The Sturm und Drang Symphonies,,,
ATM-1504,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675150426, ,LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; CHA - MUSSORGSKY:  Pictures at an Exhibition,,,
ATM-1505,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675150525, ,LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; CHA - STRAVINSKY:  Petrouchka,,,
ATM-1506,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675150624, ,CHARLES BRESSLER (TENOR); UTAH - BERLIOZ:  Requiem,,,
ATM-1507,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675150723, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS:  Orchestral Works; Tallis Fantasia; Greensleeves; Lark Ascending,,,
ATM-1508,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675150822, ,CAROLE BOGARD (SOPRANO); ENGLI - MOZART:  Choral Masterpieces; Requiem; Great Mass in C,,,
ATM-1509,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675150921, ,PETER SERKIN (PIANO); ALEXANDE - MOZART:  Chamber Music Masterpieces; Piano Quartets; Oboe Quartet; String Quartets 15 & 21,,,
ATM-1510,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675151027, ,"ESTERHAZY ORCHESTRA; VIENNA ST - MOZART:  Serenades and Divertimenti; Divertimenti, K. 136-139; Haffner Serenade, K. 375, K. 361",,,
ATM-1513,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675151324, ,MAURICE ABRAVANEL; UTAH SYMPHO - PROKOFIEV:  Orchestral Masterpieces,,,
ATM-1514,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675151423, ,LORNA SYDNEY; ALFRED POELL; AN - MAHLER:  Early Songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn; Last Songs from Ruckert Lieder; Songs of Youth,,,
ATM-1515,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675151522, ,VIENNA STATE OPERA ORCHESTRA;  - STRAVINSKY:  Pulcinella; Violin Concerto; Dumbarton Oaks; Suite from L'Histoire du Soldat,,,
ATM-1522,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675152222, ,NIKOLAUS HARNONCOURT; CONCENTU - PURCELL:  Fantasias and Suites,,,
ATM-1528,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,18,,699675152826, ,"ALIRIO DIAZ; I SOLISTI DI ZAGR - VARIOUS:  ""Classical Guitar Masterpieces""",,,
ATM-1541,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675154127, ,"ROB KAPILOW (SPEAKER); I SOLIS - KAPILOW, Rob / MOZART:  What Makes It Great; Mozart's ""Jupter"" Symphony",,,
ATM-1542,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675154226, ,"ROB KAPILOW (SPEAKER); VIENNA  - KAPILOW, Rob / MOZART:  What Makes It Great; Mozart's ""A Little Night Music""",,,
ATM-1551,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,699675155124, ,"LEON FLEISHER (PIANO) - FLEISHER, Leon:  Two Hands - Music Of Bach, Chopin, Debussy and Schubert",,,
ATM-1555,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675155520, ,"GIL SHAHAM; ORLI SHAHAM - SHAHAM, Gil & Orli:  The Prokofiev Album",,,
ATM-1558,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,699675155827, ,"MICHAEL HERSCH (PIANO); DANIEL - HERSCH, Michael:  Cello Sonata and Piano Works",,,
ATM-1575,,CD,,8.98-AG,1,,30,,699675157524, ,ROB KAPILOW; ANGELINA REAUX; N - MOZART:  Green Eggs and Hamadeus,,,
ATM-1583,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,30,,699675158323, ,"JOSEPH SZIGETI (VIOLIN); BELA  - VARIOUS:  ""Recital""; Works by Bartok, Debussy, Beethoven",,,
ATM-1585,,CD,,31.98-BD,4,,13,,699675158521, ,JOSEPH SZIGETI (VIOLIN); CLAUD - BEETHOVEN:  The Complete Violin Sonatas,,,
ATM-1586,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,699675158620, ,SVIATISLAV RICHTER (PIANO) - RICHTER:  Richter In Paris - Live Recital,,,
ATM-1612,,CD,,13.98-AM,2,,30,,699675161224, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - SATIE:  Ballets,,,
ATM-1614,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675161422, ,LEON FLEISHER (PIANO); BALTIMO - RAVEL:  Concerto for the Left Hand; Alborado del Gracioso,,,
ATM-1615,,CD,,8.98-AG,1,,30,,699675161521, ,"PAULA ROBISON (FLUTE); SAMUEL  - VARIOUS:  ""Carmen Fantasy""",,,
ATM-1616,,CD,,8.98-AG,1,,30,,699675161620, ,"PAULA ROBISON (FLUTE) - ROBISON, Paula:  Flute Music of the Romantoc Era",,,
ATM-1665,,CD,,11.98-AK,2,,25,,699675166526, ,"ALFRED DELLER: DELLER CONSORT - DELLER, Alfred:  The Holly and the Ivy",,,
ATM-1796,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,18,,699675179625, ,"LEON FLEISHER (PIANO) - FLEISHER, Leon:  The Journey",,,
ATM-1803,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,30,,699675180324, ,PROKOFIEFF - Peter And The Wolf / Lieutenant Kije Suite,,,
ATM-1942,,CD,,11.98-AK,3,,13,,699675194222, ,"YALE STRING QUARTET - BEETHOVEN:  Late String Quartets Op. 127, 130, 131, 132, 135, 133",,,
ATM-1947,,CD,,11.98-AK,2,,30,,699675194727, ,UTAH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; MAURI - TCHAIKOVSKY:  Nutcracker Complete with Swan Lake Suite,,,
ATM-1961,,CD,,11.98-AK,2,,30,,699675196127, ,MIECZYSLAW HORSZOWSKI - BACH:  The Well Tempered Clavier,,,
ATM-1969,,CD,,11.98-AK,2,,30,,699675196929, ,SOMARY; PRICE; MINTON; YOUNG;  - HANDEL:  Messiah Complete,,,
ATM-1997,,CD,,17.98-AR,3,,10,,699675199722, ,RUSSELL SHERMAN (PIANO); CZECH - BEETHOVEN:  Best of Russell Sherman; Complete Beethoven Piano Concertos,,,
ATM-51002,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675100223, ,KITTIE - Spit,,,
ATM-51003,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675100322, ,"ZEVON, WARREN - Life'll Kill Ya",,,
ATM-51033,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675103323, ,"EARLE, STEVE - Transcendental Blues",,,
ATM-51066,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675106621,X,KITTIE - Paperdoll (Explicit Version),,,
ATM-51071,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675107123, ,"GAINES, JEFFREY - Always Be",,,
ATM-51076,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,699675107628, ,CROSSBREED - Synthetic Division,,,
ATM-51088,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675108823, ,KITTIE - Oracle,,,
ATM-51091,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675109127, ,"VAUGHAN, JIMMIE - Do You Get The Blues",,,
ATM-51102,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675110222, ,NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL-STARS - 51 Phantom,,,
ATM-51122,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675112226, ,REVEREND HORTON - Lucky 7,,,
ATM-51124,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,699675112424, ,"ZEVON, WARREN - My Ride's Here",,,
ATM-51125,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675112523, ,"WOLF, PETER - Sleepless",,,
ATM-51133,,CD,,7.98-AF,1,,30,,699675113322, ,NASHVILLE PUSSY - Say Something Nasty,,,
ATM-51147,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675114725, ,"EARLE, STEVE - Jerusalem",,,
ATM-51151,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675115128, ,"LOEB, LISA - Hello Lisa",,,
ATM-51155,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,699675115524, ,KITTIE - Safe,,,
ATM-51156,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,699675115623, ,"ZEVON, WARREN - The Wind",,,
ATM-51158,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,699675115821, ,"MALIN, JESSE - Fine Art Of Self-Destruction",,,
ATM-51167,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,699675116729, ,FIRESIGN THEATRE - All Things Firesign,,,
ATM-51512,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,699675151225, ,SUGARCULT - Palm Trees & Power Lines,,,
ATM-51526,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675152628, ,DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND - Funeral For A Friend,,,
ATM-51534,,CD,,14.98-AN,1,,30,,699675153427, ,"MALIN, JESSE - The Heat",,,
ATM-51538,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675153823, ,KITTIE - Until The End,,,
ATM-51562,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675156220, ,"PARSONS, ALAN - A Valid Path",,,
ATM-51565,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,699675156527, ,"EARLE, STEVE - The Revolution Starts Now",,,
ATM-51570,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,699675157029, ,"RISHELL, PAUL & RAINES, ANNIE - Goin' Home",,,
ATM-51581,,CD,,18.98-AS,1,,30,,699675158125, ,VARIOUS - ENJOY EVERY SANDWICH - The Songs Of Warren Zevon,,,
ATM-51617,,CD,,16.98-AQ,1,,30,,699675161729, ,BETTER THAN EZRA - Before The Robots,,,
AUA-269107,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,881626910726, ,SCIENTIST - WORLD AT WAR,,,
AUA-269108,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,881626910825, ,"CLARKE, GUSSIE - DREAD AT THE CONTROLS DUB",,,
AUA-973335,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,711297333527, ,"PERRY, LEE SCRATCH - UPSETTERS 14 BLACKBOARD JUNGLE",,,
AUA-973336,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,711297333626, ,"LEVY, BARRINGTON - BARRINGTON LEVY IN DUB (THE LO",,,
AUA-973337,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,711297333725, ,"SCIENTIST & JAMMY, PRINCE - D.C. DUB CONNECTION",,,
AUA-974815,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,711297481525, ,"SCIENTIST & JAMMY, PRINCE - DUB LANDING VOL 1 & 2",,,
AUA-974816,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,25,,711297481624, ,"LEVY, BARRINGTON - SHAOLIN TEMPLE",,,
AUD-8117,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038811724, ,"KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS, THE - Songs From The Grass String Ranch",,,
AUD-8119,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038811922, ,"LYNN, LORETTA - Still Country",,,
AUD-8125,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038812523, ,"SINGLETARY, DARYLE - Now And Again",,,
AUD-8126,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038812622, ,"LEIGH, DANNI - Divide & Conquer",,,
AUD-8132,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038813223, ,"WATSON, DALE - Every Song I Write Is For You",,,
AUD-8134,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,684038813421, ,"WATSON, DALE - Christmas In Texas",,,
AUD-8137,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038813728, ,CONFEDERATE RAILROAD - Unleashed,,,
AUD-8146,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038814626, ,VARIOUS - CAUGHT IN THE WEBB - A Tribute To The Legendary Webb Pierce,,,
AUD-8147,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038814725, ,"DANIELS, CHARLIE - The Live Record",,,
AUD-8151,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,684038815128, ,"SINGLETARY, DARYLE - That's Why I Sing This Way",,,
AUD-8152,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038815227, ,HAGGARD. MERLE - The Peer Sessions,,,
AUD-8153,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,684038815326, ,"AKINS, RHETT - Friday Night In Dixie",,,
AUD-8154,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038815425, ,"BRAMLETT, BONNIE - I'm Still The Same",,,
AUD-8156,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038815623, ,"PRICE, RAY - Time",,,
AUD-8157,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038815722, ,"WATSON, DALE - Live In London, England",,,
AUD-8159,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038815920, ,"DANIELS, CHARLIE - Redneck Fiddlin' Man",,,
AUD-8160,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,30,,684038816026, ,"ANDERSON, JOHN - Anthology",,,
AUD-8162,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038816224, ,VARIOUS - CHRISTMAS GRASS,,,
AUD-8163,,CD,,6.98-AE,1,,30,,684038816323, ,"DANIELS, CHARLIE - Merry Christmas To All",,,
AUD-8164,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,684038816422, ,"CROWELL, RODNEY - Ain't Living Long Like This",,,
AUD-8167,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038816729, ,"KERSHAW, SAMMY - I Want My Money Back",,,
AUD-8168,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038816828, ,"BENSON, RAY - Beyond Time",,,
AUD-8169,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,684038816927, ,"STANLEY, RALPH - The Very Best Of Ralph Stanley",,,
AUD-8170,,CD,,19.98-AT,2,,30,,684038817023, ,"VARIOUS - LEGEND LIVES ON, The - A Tribute To Bill Monroe",,,
AUD-8175,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038817528, ,"TRACTORS, THE - Farmers In A Changing World",,,
AUD-8177,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,684038817726, ,"COUCH, ORVILLE - Hello Trouble",,,
AUD-8178,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038817825, ,"KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS, THE - Soul",,,
AUD-8179,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038817924, ,"FORTUNE, JIMMY - When One Door Closes",,,
AUD-8180,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,684038818020, ,"PRICE, RAY - Burning Memories / Touch My Heart",,,
AUD-8181,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,684038818129, ,"BANDY, MOE - Hank Williams You Wrote My Life / Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry",,,
AUD-8182,,CD,,17.98-AR,1,,30,,684038818228, ,"GILLEY, MICKEY - Room Full Of Roses / Gilley's Smokin'",,,
AUD-8183,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038818327, ,"BANDY, MOE & STAMPLEY, JOE - The Ultimate Moe & Joe",,,
AUD-8186,,CD,,11.98-AK,1,,30,,684038818624, ,"STEWART, WYNN - After The Storm",,,
AUD-8187,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,684038818723, ,"WALKER, CHARLIE - Greatest Hits",,,
AUD-8188,,CD,,12.98-AL,1,,30,,684038818822, ,"DANIELS, CHARLIE BAND, THE - Freedom & Justice For All",,,
AUD-8189,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038818921, ,"MURPHY, DAVID LEE - Tryin' To Get There",,,
AUD-8190,,CD,,9.98-AH,1,,30,,684038819027, ,"KEROSENE BROTHERS, THE - Choose Your Own Title",,,
AUD-8191,,CD,,13.98-AM,1,,30,,684038819126, ,"KEEN, ROBERT EARL - Farm Fresh Onions",,,
AVI-0001,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,753182952499, ,VARIOUS - Industry Shakers II,,,
AVI-0003,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,654367212769, ,"HILL, ARMARRAE AND TRUE FOUNDA - Breakthrough",,,
AVI-0010,,CD,,10.98-AJ,1,,30,,654367523650, ,"WILL, WILLIE - The High Life",,,
AVR-108802,,CD,,15.98-AP,1,,30,,693921088020, ,SOUNDTRACK - Girlfriends,,,